Sunday, May 19, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

Spring Tide Scramble

just past 8m N Douglas Hwy

Juneau, AK 7 Miler, 4 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. May 19, 2019

Spring Tide Scramble - Racing the Tide

This is a Juneau Trail and Road Runners Club event. JTRR is an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club of America.

Again this year we plan to have all of the bibs for pre-registered runners hanging on a clothesline in alphabetical order for runners to pick up themselves. So sign up now, get out of line, and have more time to warm up and socialize.

Start time for both courses is 8:00AM on SUNday, May 19th 2019. Both courses start and end at the Fish Creek parking lot, just past 8 mile North Douglas Highway. Carpooling is strongly encouraged, as parking space is limited.

The course across the wetlands and channel will not be marked; participants rely on their own observations and judgement to navigate a route.

Course Descriptions

Mud Course: approximately 4-miles across the wetlands and Gastineau Channel to a flag on the Airport Dike Trail (officially called the “EVAR”) and back across the channel and wetlands to the Fish Creek starting point. Runners will pick up an arm band at the flag and wear it when crossing the finish line (arm bands are tentative for 2018... stay tuned). This course option is fun for families and is appropriate for ambitious walkers, though there is plenty of competition for those who seek it. Children under 14 must stay with an adult the entire time. Not appropriate for small children.

Mountain and Mud Course: approximately 7-miles. Start at Fish Creek, cross under the highway (underpass), run up Fish Creek Trail, down the ski hill road to Nine Mile road. A flagger at the intersection will advise runner of traffic, but cannot stop traffic. The flagger will point the way down 9-mile road to the wetlands entrance. Runners will cross the wetlands and Gastineau Channel to the a flag at the Dike Trail, pick up an armband, and return back across the channel and wetlands to the Fish Creek starting point. Runners must wear the armband when crossing the finish line (arm bands are tentative for 2018... stay tuned). No running will be allowed on Douglas Highway except to briefly cross the road at the 9-mile Road intersection. No race running is allowed in the Bayview subdivision. Must be 14 or older to run this course.

Pre-registration rates here on Ultra Signup

Age 19 and up - $8 (plus a small transaction fee)

Under age 19 - $1 (plus a small transaction fee)

Juneau Trail and Road Runners membership (optional) - click on the shopping cart above to purchase this from the Event Store. Please contact Susan at if you have any issues with registration.

Additional Information

A -3.41 tide is predicted for 8:15 AM.

Expect water and muck (heavy sweatpants will turn into an anchor). Bring a towel and/or cover-ups to warm up after your adventure with homemade treats!

Race day registration 7:30-7:50 AM. $10 age 19 and up, $1 age 18 and under.

This race is included in the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Cup series, in which runners compete for points against others within their age/sex group.

Sponsored by Juneau Trail and Road Runners (formerly called Southeast Road Runners), a member of Road Runner’s Club of America.

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Event's current local time: 1:56 PM AK


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