Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 28, 2019

Event Description

Choose your event!
The options are:
8 mile Trail Race
8 mile Mountain Bike Race
8 Mile MTB Race, then 8 mile Trail Race=Duathlon
the MTB race and Trail race use the same course. Bikers go first and Runners follow!

If you are signing up now, you will be in the 8:45AM wave for the Trail Run. All MTB and Duathlon will start at 8am.

Trail Description

The course will be heavily marked with arrows and pink confidence streamers. There are many intersecting trails along the course, so if you are confused just make sure you are following the pink streamers and you will be all good! If you are biking please note THERE ARE STAIRS on the route. We use the Mattaponi Trail and the footbridge near Fossil Beach. This trail does not typically allow bikes. You might want to consider checking it out on foot if you can prior to the race. There are photos of the stairs and roots on the ultrasignup event page Please do not attempt to MTB the Marl Ravine section of the course prior to race day as shown on the course map- only go in a forward direction if you are previewing the course. On race day there will be signs at the trail entrance that trails are closed to prevent collisions.

The course terrain is as follows:

0-.5 mile gravel (fire road, uphill)

.5-1 mile Singletrack (trail will narrow so make sure you have a good position!)

1-2 mile Gravel/Dirt Fire road

2-6.5 mile Technical Single track trail

6.5-8+ mile Gravel/Dirt Fire Road (by the way, the course is long, about 8.3 miles- good news is that your Garmin will actually measure 8 miles instead of saying you ran short!)

Aid Stations

There will be 4 Aid Stations on the course, here are the details (please thank these wonderful volunteers when you go by) We are limited as to what we can provide due to restrictions. Please plan accordingly based on the weather. I strongly recommend bringing your electrolyte drink of choice on your person/bike as we will just have bottled water for hydration:

Aid Station #1, approx. Mile 2 mark: Bottled water, pre packaged snacks, gels (end of Backbone) This is a chance to grab a gel you might want a couple miles into Marl Ravine

Marl Ravine Aid Station, approx. Mile 5: Bottled Water, pre packaged snacks, gels (on Marl Ravine)

Aid Station #2, approx. mile 6.5: Bottled water only (after Exit to Marl Ravine on Backbone)

Aid Station #3, approx. 7.5 mile: Bottled water only (fork at Mattaponi)

Please note that there is a 3 mile distance between Aid Station #1 and The Marl Ravine Aid Station- please plan accordingly. The trail between is single track and might take longer than you think. If you normally drink water during a 5k event, you will definitely need to bring your own hydration on your person.

2020 Race Info UPDATED

Here is an email recently sent out to participants- hopefully this will answer some of your questions:

Hello Crazy 8 racers! How is your False Fall going this weekend? The Crazy 8 Miler is just 3 weeks away, so let's get up to speed...

This race morning schedule might change slightly based on registration numbers and COVID restrictions, but here is the plan at this point (there will be NO early packet pick up on Friday):

7am Park Gates open

7:15-9am Packet pick up, race day registration (race day registration might be limited and only if event is not full)

8am Crazy 8 Mountain Bike Race/Duathlon Start

8:30am & 8:45am Crazy 8 Trail Run Start

We will have chip timing for the Run portion, so runners will have the option to start in a staggered way after 9am for distancing if needed. If the biking numbers climb substantially, we will chip time that as well. Duathlon participant's clock will start at the start of the bike event and finish when they have completed the run portion (legit!)

Race morning plan to be at the starting area 15 minutes prior to the start of your race. Please check your email the night before for starting line details. The starting line is near the contact station (guard shack) as you drive into the park. There are no parking fees on race day. In the starting area please keep 6 feet distance and respect the personal space of those around you! The finish is near the visitors center to the right at the waterfront.

I know it is a bummer, but please do not bring friends and family along with you to the start and finish areas. We are strictly limited to 50 people grouped together including volunteers. The park is very large and there are plenty of areas to recreate and picnic following the race. Just ask them to please watch from afar and you can celebrate your accomplishment soon after!

The Friends of York River State Park will be given a donation from race proceeds. Here is a link to info on this group who provides programming for this wonderful park:

A few additional notes…

Plan for about a 2 min per mile slower running pace for this race simply because of the challenging terrain. The fire road sections will be good opportunities to increase speed and move up. The course runs long (referenced above), it is not a certified course, so don’t panic when you get to the 8 mile mark and you still have a little ways to go! Please use good etiquette when passing. This is a rain or shine event. Do not leave trash on the trail. Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the scenery!

Safety…Know where you are on the trail (miles will be marked with signs) should you become in distress. Cell service is spotty in the park. We will have bikes sweeping the last few runners and bikes. Also keep in mind, the public has been notified about the race, but there still might be bikes and hikers out in the park and on the single track trails. The Crazy 8 course runs in the opposite direction of bikes, so if they are out there, they will be coming at you from a forward direction, if you are a runner, please hop out of their way. I caution you wearing music on the Marl Ravine section, I would prefer that you are aware of your surroundings. People might also need to communicate to you about passing so loud music makes this tough. If you need to leave the course, please let a volunteer know so we are not looking for you.


Awards will be given in the following age groups:

Overall top 3 men and women (Run, Mountain Bike, Duathlon)

Overall top 3 Masters men and women (40+) (Run and Mountain Bike)

1st-3rd place in the following age groups male/female (Run only):

19 and under






70 and up

There will be no Awards ceremony. If you are not local, I will mail your award or I promise I will figure out SOME way to get it to you! Maybe I will see you at another race soon??? Obviously if I can avoid the expense of mailing that would be preferred. If you hang around in the park there is a chance I might be able to give you your award on site if you check in with me before you leave, please be patient. There will be handmade finisher medals for all finishers. Finish line will have snacks, bottled water and bottled gatorade.

Local time: 12:25 AM


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