Friday, Nov 29, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
This Event Took Place Fri. Nov 29, 2019

Choose your time and distance!

Welcome! This is a unique race for the Valley. In a nutshell... this event is held for 12 hours a day for 3 consecutive days (November 29th and 30th and December 1st) from 8 am to 8 pm each day. You have the option to register for 1, 2, or 3 days. The distance and time goal is totally up to you! You do NOT have to complete a full 12 hours per day...however long you want to be out there for up to 12 hours. For registration purposes: 12 hour is the 1 day event, 24 hours is the 2 day event, and 36 hours is all 3 days.

Each loop on this course is approximately 3ish miles. Some people will be content with a 5k, others will push for a total of 36 hours over those 3 days and earn an ultra-ultra. We will tally the total miles for each runner over the whole weekend to determine final placing.

This race is about more than just distance. It's mostly about taking a step back from our frantic lives, refocusing, and getting out and enjoying yourself while having a bit of a challenge.

All the details can be found on our website (link above) and all your questions will be answered! We certainly hope to see you for a fun-filled weekend in the snow.

We will be also be providing updates on Facebook at Happy Malamute Running.

FYI- If the pics above are rotated or doing wonky things when you look at them, check them out on our website instead! Also, we will have some sort of warm snuggly item for this race but NOT a shirt.

Local time: 1:44 PM


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