Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 @ 6:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 27, 2020


Dear Competitor,

We are very happy to report that we will be racing June 27, 2020 on our regularly scheduled date!!!!

We would like to thank Summit County and the Summit County Health Department for their guidance and help in crafting our COVID-19 mitigation plan. Without the help of the Summit County Health Department this race would not be possible and they have been wonderful to work with. We would also like to thank Snyderville Basin Recreation for permitting the event and working with us to host Twisted Fork.

Our COVID-19 mitigation plan is on the Twisted Fork website and you should read it in detail before registering. there are some things you should take into consideration when deciding if you would like to race this year. Please read the plan in detail and let us know if you have any questions.

If you have registered for Twisted Fork and do not feel comfortable racing this year, please let us know and we will issue a 100% rollover to next year’s 50K or 100K course. Yes, next year we will offer a 100K and 50K Twisted Fork course which means this year is the last year of the current 64K course. So if you would like to roll your registration over to 2021 you may select which race you would like to do. Please email Canice Harte at if you wish to take this option.

Some of the highlights of the big picture changes are:
- require all registered racers to sign and return electronically an acknowledgement of the social distancing requirements of the race and their commitment to adhere to them
We will have a staggered start

- The start window will be spread over and hour an a half

- Fastest runners as projected by Ultrasignup will begin first which means slower runners will potentially start an hour to an hour and a half later

-We pride ourselves on taking care of runners at our aid stations and while we will still provide great aid, the aid stations themselves will require runners to be self sufficient. No plopping down in chairs and having a crew of volunteers or family pamper you (sorry!)

-Volunteers will be required to stay on one side of the aid tables and racers will ask for prepackaged food. This will require competitors to be more self sufficient than normal.
Family will be allowed to help their runner at their car or outside the aid station, but will not allowed into the aid station proper

- Social distancing will be required at all times. The obvious exception is when you’re passing another runner but if you find yourself running near another runner at the same pace you must separate by a minimum of 6 feet. Social distancing standards will be required throughout the entire race (start, on course, aid stations, finish area, etc.)

- After you finish the race you are welcome to recover in the finish area, but social distancing among non-family members will be required and we cannot have any group size exceed 50. If we find ourselves massing, we will ask recovered runners to disperse

There is a lot more to the COVID-19 mitigation plan so please read the details below and insure that you understand the new protocol. We want you to have a wonderful race and know what to expect when registering to race or considering rolling over to next year.

It’s important that if you are feeling ill, that you do not travel to the area or race. We will gladly offer you a full rollover no questions asked even if it’s last minute. When in doubt stay home.

We look forward to seeing you, albeit at a distance, June 27th

Event Description

Twisted Fork is a 67 kilometer (41.6 miles) race with 6,105' of elevation gain over some of our favorite trails in Park City, Utah. The route will take you through beautiful wooded terrain, epic views, and a little slice of local history. The course is hilly and challenging, but also fast and runnable.

Park City offers lots of fun and activities for family and friends who are not racing, along with tons of options for lodging, food, and drink. This is a great excuse to take a break from the daily grind of life and enjoy a challenging day of running in the Wasatch Mountains.

The finish area will have live music, food, drink and a fun award ceremony where everyone has a chance to win. We promise you (and friends, family, crew) will have an amazing day, celebrating the great outdoors and the sport we love, Ultra Running.

You'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with elite runners and other mortals just pushing themselves to explore their personal limits. We have created a King and Queen of the Mountain award and we’ll throw in a couple of bonus "Sprint" sections where we see who can log the fastest miles late in the race.

Course Description

The course essentially consists of two big loops: first counter-clockwise around “Flying Dog”, then across to Jeremy Ranch for a second loop up the Mormon Pioneer and Great Western trails.

The race begins with a 1 mile paved section to separate the field and then you're on single track. Other than a bit of dirt road running 90% of the course is on single track itself. But don't worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pass other runners.

You'll run what is called the ‘Flying Dog’ loop counter-clockwise. This will give us a short climb at the beginning, then take you down to a flat section before the big climb up to the top of Flying Dog. We will have a timing mat at the bottom and top of this climb and the combined time for the Flying Dog climb and the Big Mountain Pass climb (later in the race) will determine the King and Queen of the Mountain.

Next there is a long, fast descent through aspen groves and past a beaver dam as you make your way through the woods and down to the 24/7 trail intersection, where you turn right and continue down to Jeremy Ranch.

After the Jeremy Ranch aid station you start a 19 mile loop that will bring you back to this point.

The course turns down a dirt road for 4 miles to the Mormon Flat aid station. This entire section is easily accessed by family and friends. Once you reach Mormon Flat you turn off the dirt road to climb up to Big Mountain Pass on the Mormon Pioneer Trail. This historic trail was once a busy route that was used by many of the earliest settlers of the American West, famously the Donner-Reed party and subsequently the Mormon Pioneers.

This is the second of our two climbs that define the King and Queen of the Mountain and there will be timing mats at the bottom and top (as for the Flying Dog climb).

Once you reach Big Mountain pass you will turn left onto the Great Western Trail, following the route of the Wasatch Front 100 course. But when you reach Pence Point (where the Wasatch course turns and descends into Alexander Basin) you will keep going straight and continue past the cell towers above Jeremy Ranch. From here it's a beautiful two mile descent via Moose Hollow back down to the Jeremy Ranch aid station where your family and friends will see you again.

At this point you're about 80% done: just seven miles to go! You have a short steep climb retracing your steps back up the 24/7 trail, then fast gently rolling terrain traversing above Jeremy Ranch, across Red Hawk, above Bob’s Basin and then finally descending on the Stealth trail to the Spring Creek trailhead at the bottom of Glenwild.

Finally, a quarter-mile of pavement takes you to the finish: duck under I-80 via a pedestrian tunnel, and along the path to the finish line at Newpark Amphitheater, where you'll be greeted with live music, food and drink.

An award ceremony will follow the race and recognize the top three overall male and female, as well as age categories category winners by gender. Awards will also be given for the King and Queen of the Mountain as well as the male and female Sprint Champions.

Bonus awards will be announced during the ceremony.

Local time: 8:52 PM


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