Saturday, Nov 27, 1999

Quad Dipsea

320 Throckmorton Street

Mill Valley, CA 28.4 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 27, 1999


Stairs, hills, and more hills. About 9,000 feet of vertical packed into 28 miles.  It begins at 7:30AM at Old Mill Park (Throckmorton Avenue, Cascade Way, & Old Mill Street intersection), in Mill Valley, California. Within a few hundred yards the course heads up three flights of stairs as tall as a fifty-story building, and up some more through an old horse ranch to Windy Gap. Then it plunges down into Muir Woods, across Redwood Creek, and begins a tough grind up through both trees and grasslands over trail sections named "Dynamite", "The Hogsback", "The Rainforest", and "Cardiac." At the top of Cardiac, the course levels out with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean before it plunges down over the rocks, roots, and stairs of "Steep Ravine" and the discouragingly steep but short climb up "Insult Hill." Finally, as the course follows the relatively gentle slope of The Moors toward the ocean, Stinson Beach is in sight a mile ahead. 

Once to Stinson, you turn around an head back to Old Mill Park following the same course. 

And then do it all over again for the QUAD!!

Note: unlike the Dipsea and Double Dipsea, the Quad Dipsea does not allow shortcuts. You must stay on the Dipsea Trail the entire way.)

Start, Time Limits, & Cutoffs

The start is 7:30AM , sharp, at Old Mill Park (Throckmorton Avenue & Cascade Way), in Mill Valley, California. The cutoff for the halfway point turnaround (Old Mill Park) is 12:00 noon (4 hours, 30 min.), the cutoff to leave Stinson Beach (beginning of Lap 4) is 2:15PM (6 hours, 45 min.), and the cutoff to finish is 4:30PM (9 hours).

Aid Stations

Aid stations located at Cardiac Hill, Stinson Beach, and Old Mill Park (start/finish and the halfway point).


Due to the single track nature of the course, no pacers are allowed, and the use of hiking/trekking poles is not permitted.

Refunds and Exchanges

50% refund if you withdraw by October 15. No refunds thereafter. No rollovers. No exchanges permitted, as there will be a wait list.

Wait List

if you are on the wait list, we will send out invitations to register as soon as cancellations occur and spots open up, but will finalize the entrant list by November 20th.

Event's current local time: 11:31 AM PT


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