Sunday, Sep 22, 2019 @ 1:00 PM
This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 22, 2019

A Fun Fitness Challenge!

Fall Fell Trail Challenge
AKA: Revenge of the Nerds / Extended B.A.R. Run
09/22/2019 (Sun), at 1:00 PM
Shelter 14, Wyandotte County Lake Park
Mystery Trail Course - Less than 6 miles / BYOB Potluck / Trail Party / Prizes

Photos by Mile 90 Photography

2019 Event Description

This year's challenge will involve running AND thinking, with a post event BYO lunch party.
Distance: less than 10-kilometers total.
Post run Soft Drinks and Beer provided.

Are you up for a challenge???

All participants will receive a race logo mug/glass. Mile 90 photos will be prepaid for. Beer and soft drinks provided.

The course:
Two 2.1K loops, followed by a 4.2K loop. Prior to each loop there will be a CHALLENGE!

This year, 3 different challenges. You will sign up for one of the 3 challenges, and do that same challenge prior to each loop.

Prior to each loop, you will do 15 standard pushups followed by 15 crunches.

Prior to each loop, you will find 4 words in a word-find puzzle. We may change this or throw in another similar challenge. :-)

Prior to each loop, you will drink a 12-ounce beer of your choice (provided by us and if you are over 21 y.o.). We have 4 different beers to choose from. OR: you will drink a 12-ounce can of club soda.

So which challenge will you choose???

On this loop, you will look for the obvious and not-so-obvious black buckets, and take one item out of each bucket. (You may want to carry a bag with you). The persons that have the most scavenger-hunt different items will be the overall winners. This challenge may also change. :-)
Maximum time limit: 2 hours.

Race Entry Fees

Early Bird Entry: $25 (includes logo mug/glass, downloadable Mile 90 photos, beverages).
August 21 to Race Day: $30
Race Day: $40

Online Entry or in-person Race Day Entry, only.
Sorry, no canines.

2018 Results & Photos

2018 Results

2018 Photos by Rick Mayo, Mile 90 Photography

2017 Photos

Terrific Mile 90 Photos from 2017

Local time: 6:04 PM


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