Saturday, Apr 25, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 25, 2020

Bring on the Crags!

Come hit the trails at Castle Crag State Park! Pending your level of adventure- take on the 50k, 35k or 10k and you are guaranteed to let your adrenaline fly.

50k: with 5,700ft of gain and loss- you will experience some fun and fast single track mixed in with a climb that will put your strength to the test only to be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Crags and Mt Shasta. You get to wind your way around the PCT and find yourself deep in the forest where its just you and the mountain.   

35k: with about 4,500ft of gain and loss it has a bit of everything.  The first 10 miles in the park will get you ready for your climb up to Girard Ridge Lookout where you can look down and smile at what you have just accomplished.  To then be celebrated as you hammer your way back down the mountain to the finish.

10k: with around 1,600ft gain- it is not just your walk in the park.  While you can turn up the pace and fly through some singletrack- the climbs will keep you honest and make all views worth the sweat and burn.

Local time: 9:35 AM


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