Sunday, Sep 13, 2020
This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 13, 2020


GOOD NEWS, Allegheny County has cleared us to race on September 13! COVID-19, however, means:

1. NO day of registration. You must register online and that will close September 7th.

2. We can not have have large groups, so sadly no dance troupe performance, no Filipino food, and no awards ceremony. Most winners of the coveted bamboo medal will be contacted post race to arrange a private meeting to be awarded the medal (and picture taken).

3. You must have a mask on while not running. Also we must social distance.

4. Race start times are changed to 7:45AM for 20k, 8:30AM for the 10K and 9:45AM for the 5k.

5. We will be starting each race in waves of no more than few runners at a time.

6. You will pick up your timing chip the day before in the afternoon at Harmar unless you are from out of the area, and you can get it the day of.

7, At most we may have one unmanned hydration station on the 10k and two on the 20k course (one at far end of Rachel), so, please plan to bring your own needed hydration and nutrition.

We re sorry this pandemic has imposed these rules, but at least we are racing when a lot of other races have had to cancel.

Thank you for supporting this race and the cause over the past 13 years!

Hope to see you at the start!

Mark Knapp
Race Director

About the event

A classic cross country Race/Walk set on the trails of beautiful North Park near Pittsburgh. Partly on the Rachel Carson Trail and run at the beginning of foliage for the fall in Western Pennsylvania! This will be the 13th YEAR!!! More than a decade of racing and helping to benefit an orphanage in the Philippines. Handmade bamboo medals and money awards. Folk dancing performance at end!

Local time: 4:34 PM


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