Saturday, Sep 12, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

The Little Loco Relay

Butte Meadows - Lassen National Forest

Butte Meadows, CA 65 Miler, 65 Mile Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 12, 2020

Event Postponed

If you are already registered, this email should be in your email inbox now.

Hey Loco Runners,

I just got a completely unexpected and unfortunate phone call a few minutes ago. Our permit holders had to put our permits on hold due to fire. Their entire company, statewide, is shutting down all operations. They announced that recreational use and permitting is temporarily suspended.

What this means is that our race is suspended. It isn’t cancelled but until we have rain, our permitting agency isn’t allowing anyone (including their own operations) or any events on their property.

While we understand their position completely and respect it, we are really sick over this and not taking it lightly. Just like all of you, we were so stoked to have the incredible opportunity to race on the 12th.

We DO have some options. We were told that as soon as we get rain, our permit hold will be lifted and we will be free to have the race. This (relatively speaking, of course) is GREAT news. It means there WILL be a race this year...just not on the 12th (unless you all have some connections to making it rain).

Here is what we are currently looking at. We are hoping to turn this in to a Halloween race (can’t say you didn’t see that coming...we love costumes and shinanagins). Same theme, different date, close to Halloween (10/24 or 10/31, family friendly since most kiddos likely won’t be able to trick or treat this year). We think it is probably safe to think we will get rain by then.

SO - what are your options in all of this? Take this extra time as extra time to train if you would like. When we have a date, you will be the first to know.

It breaks our heart to write this email and bring you this news...especially after our permits were approved through all that has been going on. No one anticipated this, least of all our permitting agency. They felt terrible when they called to break the bad news and extended their apologies to all of you.

Registration is still open, with a pause on charging cards for the registration fee SO if you know that you are someone who will be running with us, regardless of the new race date, you and/or your teammates (if you are running the relay option) can safely register without being charged until we have a new date secured.

Take care everyone. I will be in touch as soon as I know anything.


The Little Loco Relay IS Happening This Year!

The Little Loco Relay is a go for 2020!

Not only will we have our relay option but this year we will also have an INDIVIDUAL RUNNER OPTION for those who don't want to run on a team.

Teams still have the 2, 3 or 6 runner option. Individual runners have the option of running whatever distance they choose, in 2 loop increments, beginning with the first 2 loops and working their way to 12 (2 loops, 4 loops, 6 loops, etc). There are 6 unique loops and they are doubled on the course for 12 loops total. No need to choose how many you will complete ahead of time. The catch is that you must complete your run in 2 loop increments so, if you run your first two and keep going, you must complete the next two to finish - and so on. How far can you make it? The price is the same no matter how many loops you run - $75.

The course and design will look a bit different this year due to a going a different route with permits.

Runners will not need team vehicles. Instead we will have a team base camp set up at the start line. Every team will have their designated spot (so we can practice social distancing between teams). Teams can set up a day camp where their designated spot is and hang out and cheer their runners on all day. There will be a few legs that have the option of a checkpoint or two to cheer your runner on while they are running the leg (so we can keep some of the spirit of the original Loco relay going this year).

The course will be like a flower (an oddly shaped flower!), with the team base camp at the center and the legs as the pedals. We will have one big aid station/check in station at the team base camp for incoming runners and teammates to check in and get aid. We will, of course have our post race meal, starting at 3pm-ish.

We are still working on what the new course looks like but we can promise that it will be fun, still have great challenges, beautiful scenery and even some elevation gain and loss. We should have the course worked out very soon. Since this race has a cap on team and single runner limits, take a leap of faith. Don't wait for the course map to be published to register. You might miss out!

Here's what you should know:
1. There is registration a cap of 30 teams
2. There is a registration cap of 40 individual runners ***.
3. You do not need to have a full team to register and hold a place on the roster for your team. One person registers with a team name (which can be changed later) and teammates register as they are ready.
4. Individual runners register when ready - disregard team info.
5. This race will fill up fast.

***If you are running as a single runner register for the 65 mile distance option, regardless of how many loops you are wanting to complete - just remember, your options once registered are the first 2 loops, the first 4 loops or the entire 6 loops.


Want to run but don't have a team? Click the green register button and choose "I need a team!". We will ask you a couple of questions to make sure you are linked up with runners that you will enjoy running Loco with and let you know via email when we have found the right match! This is a great option for anyone coming from far away or wanting to make some new running buddies!!!!

Already have a team or the start of one? Choose the "I already have a team option" when you click register.

Local time: 9:11 PM


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