Saturday, Apr 25, 2020 @ 7:00 PM
Registration closes: Tue, Apr 21 @ 11:59 PM

Ranch Magic:

This is not a race but rather a beautiful place to gather as a trail running community. Whether you choose to run under the stars until the sun rises or head down to the campfire early to have a beer and roast some s'mores is up to you. There will be a pancake breakfast in the morning to send you home with smiles on your faces. Camping is free, cabins are discounted, and entry is $30 bucks (family, friends, and past participants talked me into raising the price this year so I am not in the red. Email me for their contact information to complain). PLEASE NOTE: No refunds.

Night Moves:

Why hold a 12 hour night run? Twilight 12 Hour (previously Starlight Overnight) originated from a night run held on a ranch in Utah in 2015. A runner training for Wasatch 100 invited folks to join for some night miles on a 5 mile loop. The goal was to run from 8pm until the early hours of the morning to feel the fatigue of running several miles at night. The only requirement to participate was bringing your favorite aid station food. It was a fun, safe, no pressure way to get night training!

Course Description:

The 2.3ish mile loop has a little bit of everything. From stretches of beautiful single track trail, to short ravines and a creek crossing, to a descent down a gravel road with a steep climb to close the loop, people spread out quickly.

Schedule (Saturday April 25th-April 26th):

Saturday, 5:00-6:30pm - check-in
6:45pm - pre-run briefing
7:00pm - run into the sunset
Sunday, 7:00am - finish into the sunrise
8:30am - breakfast
9:30am - Award for King and Queen of Loops (please note: THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL RESULTS)

Aid Station/Breakfast Feast:

One request is to bring your favorite aid station food or drink to share which results in the most massive and yummy aid station ever! There will be a sign-up list emailed to participants in March. Then the rest is up to you. There is a full kitchen available for making dinner pre or post run. There will be pancakes, bacon, and coffee served Sunday morning along with leftovers from the aid station goodness (think donuts, fruit, etc.).

Lodging Questions:

For Twilight 12 Hour participants, camping is free. There are bathrooms and showers for all participants. If you'd prefer to have a roof over your head, there are various types of cabins for rent (at a discounted price!). This is a great option for groups since several of the cabins sleep 8. Contact Penny Blackburn, owner of Flying Horseshoe Ranch, for lodging questions - 509-674-2366.

All Other Questions:

Email Gretchen Walla, creator of this night mayhem, at

Local time: 2:49 AM


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