Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

Indian Creek Fifties

Indian Creek Trailhead

Sedalia, CO 50 Miler, 55K, 15 Miler

Registration closes: Tue, Oct 13 @ 11:59PM

The Human Potential Running Series Presents: The Indian Creek Fifties

“Slow down, allow the fight to come to you, but make sure you fight to win.”

The Indian Creek Fifties takes advantage of the challenging and little used terrain just southwest of the Denver Metro area. Loop 1 climbs to 8000′, and quickly flows down into the Grand Valley for a few gorgeous pink sunrise soaked miles. This loop almost seems friendly, until you’re given a few sharp stabs in the back. Loop 2 will head out onto wonderfully runnable trails, only to be stopped dead looking up at the lovely flowy hill you forgot about running down in loop 1. Embrace the suck, and enjoy those false summits! Loop 3 is a wonder to behold. You saw it on loop 2, now you get to experience it. Dread and panic may flood your mind on the way down, while calm and perseverance will encompass your hike back up. Roxborough State Park will quickly give you something more than the scenery to marvel at, yourself. Through aspen groves, pine stands, and montane grasses this race will challenge you to the core. A race to celebrate all that you are, and all the potential you hold.

Local time: 4:24 PM


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