Saturday, May 23, 2020 @ 7:00 AM

Cow Bone Trail Run 6-12-24 Hour

16869 Taylors Landing Rd

Sharpsburg, MD 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. May 23, 2020

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Tee shirts will be ordered on May 3. If you register AFTER that date then it's a first register first receive a tee shirt for the few extra's that will be available.

If you are a rollover from 2020 you MUST re-Enter for 2021. (Waivers only last for a year).

On 12/04/20 all rollovers were sent an email stating that your credit (fee paid) will be applied at check out. Let me know if you have any problems.

This race will be held and there will be Covid protocols to ensure a safe, healthy and fun experience. Please be aware that there might be "adjustments" in order to respond to the conditions as presented at that specific time.



A bunch of us were sitting around one day talking about how much fun it is to be around runners, volunteers and crews. The discussion led to... "let's start a race were we can support, inspire, heckle and hang out with everyone". We decided a timed race with a short trail loop where runners of all abilities could determine their own goals. No worries about time limits or cutoffs. We began our wish list of amenities... plenty of room for camping with port-a-pots, cabins with hot showers in the bathrooms, a non technical trail, a Start / Finish and Aid Station that was covered, comfortable and had power, low stress for everyone, great location, course where runners had hills, shade and open space. Where crews and families could go to nearby attractions if they got bored. Along with Bill Susa and Addie Welch the Cow Bone 6-12-24 Hour Trail Run came into being.

Good Stuff

  • Want your own things close by? You’ll be able to set up your command center next to, or very near, a good portion of the course.
  • If you don’t want to use our very hip and happening aid station then you’ll be able to take aid anywhere you set up .
  • We’re encouraging you to bring your canopies, chairs, coolers and friends. Please firmly secure your canopy so we don't have to chase it down if the wind blows.
  • Pets? Yes! Well mannered pets are allowed in the cabins, camping and at the pavilion. You must "pick up" after your pet. Dogs are allowed on the course with prior approval. If issues arise with a pet then the pet must be escorted off the property. No discussion.
  • You want a bed and a shower? We’ve got you covered. The cabin village is right next to the Start/Finish and the Pavilion (Aid Station). See “Accommodations”.
  • You wanna decorate with lights… no problem. Just make sure your generator isn’t loud.
  • This is about fun during and after you finish. We’re not kicking out the 6 and 12 hour runners when they’re done. The 24 hour runners need to feel the “love” throughout the night.
  • If you complete more than 100 miles, you'll receive a custom belt buckle to commemorate your achievement.


The 1.5 mile loop has 198' of elevation gain and is on the private property of Shepherd’s Spring Outdoor Ministries. This is not a technical course. Little to no rocks and is almost entirely under the canopy of tree shade. Only 18' of pavement on the loop. No stream crossings nor is there any threat of being rained out. The course is varied so runners will not be subject to constant repetitive motion. An actual course map will not be posted.


  • The Pavilion is the Start / Finish and the only Aid Station.
  • Bib Pickup starts at 6:00 a.m. at the Pavilion.
  • Aid: Our first-class aid station will provide hot and cold food and drink throughout the event for participants still out on the course.
  • SWAG - Each participant will receive a short-sleeved blended tee shirt.
  • Awards: No. However you’ll get a hardy congratulations and perhaps some applause at the finish line.
  • Drop Bags: You can leave your drop bags in the vicinity of the pavilion, but we can't guarantee they won't get wet if it rains.
  • Personal aid station near the Pavilion can be set up on the cabin side of the gravel.
  • Pacers: Hmmmm... no. It’s a short loop with lot’s of inspiration. Do you really need one? However... if not having a pacer for you 24 hour runners is a concern or a reason for you to not run then contact me. We're inclusive and want to see you reach your goal(s).
  • Cut Offs: No! It’s a timed event. As long as you make it one loop then you’re a "Finisher". No need to worry about getting pulled.
  • The final stopping point will be measured at the aid station. If you run out of the aid station and don't make it back to the aid station by the "bell" then that partial distance will not be measured.
  • Crew, family, friends: Absolutely! All are welcome either at the Pavilion or along the course. Aid station supplies are for runners only. There are no rules on where a runner can be aided.
  • The course will be adequately marked for day and night time running. However, if you get lost on a repetitive "short" loop course you may want to reevaluate and perhaps pursue another "hobby".
  • Medical: That's your responsibility. Minor medical treatment (band-aids, blister care, lube application, etc.) is all on you. We will support you, but we won't bandage you up. There will be a small first-aid box for self-treatment that participants can utilize if needed. If you think you'll need 'em, pack 'em!.
  • Dietary needs are crazy these days so no pre-race meal is provided.
  • Pets? Yes! See "Good Stuff"
  • Showers for campers? We have a bucket with holes in it and the Potomac river is close by. If that doesn't work for you then there's access to a shower in one of the cabins.
  • It's on private property so there's no chance to view, assess or run the course before hand.


Arrival time begins at 12:00 noon on Friday. Departure is by 12:00 noon on Monday. Prices are for the entire weekend. NO early arrivals or late departures.

There are two types of inexpensive lodging on site. Cabins are steps from the Start/Finish. Car and tent camping is located a few-minute walk from the pavilion.

  • (Cabins sold out) For 2021 cabins are only being rented to "family" units and not bunk house style. The total cost is $80 for the cabin for the weekend. A family unit is considered an actual family or a small group of close friends. Six cabins are available. Each unit sleeps 10 in bunk beds and has a full bath. Entire cabins will not be considered reserved until payment is received and is 100% refundable up to April 15. Send me an email to reserve and in turn you will be sent instructions to snail mail your check.
  • Camping. ($15. Additional people in same tent or car is $5 per person) Sleeping in your car is considered camping, and you gotta pay for it. Camping is permitted near the cabins and the Pavilion. A shower will be available in one of the cabins for post race campers. There will be port-a-pots in the camp area. Hard-sided campers RVs, etc. are allowed but must have pre approval.

e-mails may be sent to


(1) Don't be a dick (2) No littering (3) No cheating. If someone does do something stupid… then the last name of the “infractor” will be used as the name of the "new" rule. For example… the “Smith Rule” for being a dork about parking.


Refunds are 75% until April 30, 2020. After that date no refund will be given.

About the Race Director

Hi, My name is Kevin Sayers and I'm the Race Director. The year was 1994, and I ran across an article about ultrarunning in a magazine and said "I just gotta do that".  One hundred miles in 24 hours?  What's not to like? Since that time I enjoyed a 39,000 mile running adventure throughout North America. Now, I’m a race director and have made it my mission “to conduct and promote fun and rewarding running events for entrants, crews and volunteers alike”.

As the Race Director I consider my myself a cheerleader who encourages and inspires all to reach their goal. My commitment is to be available at all times during a race and greet every runner at the finish with a smile, hand shake, high five, fist bump or a combination there of.

  • My running history on UltraSignup (1996 - current)
  • website since 1996
  • Completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in 1998
  • Completed the JFK 50 Mile Run as a 100 miler (1998, 1999)
  • Received Vermont 100 "1,000 Mile" belt buckle in 2007
  • Aid Station Captain - Bull Run Run 50 Mile - Centerville A.S. since 1999
  • Race Director - Catoctin 50k Trail Run & Half Cat since 1999
  • Race Director - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run since 2011
  • Race Director - Greenbrier Ultra's since 2018
  • Race Director - Bobcat Trail Run (11 Miles) since 2018
  • Race Director - Cow Bone 6-12-24 Hour since 2019

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