Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 @ 7:30 AM
Registration closes: Sat, Sep 12 @ 11:59 PM

CT's Hardest 50k!

This 50k(+) is a Graduate Level run, meaning you will be on some of CT's most technical and gnarly trails: first the Regicides (West Rock's "Blue" trail) and then The Quinnipiac Trail (another of CT's famed Blue trails). Hence, the Blue 2 Blue Challenge (h/t Alex McDaniel for the idea). It is imperative that you have finished at least one (1) trail 50k in the previous 12 months- I will also consider you if you’ve completed something gnarly like Cat’s Tail or Breakneck or the like. This is definitely not a beginner’s race. There's a good 6,300 feet of climbing and the majority of it is extremely technical.

Course description: this is an out-and-back starting at West Rock Ridge State Park's South Overlook in New Haven and offers you an amazing panoramic view of the CT coastline. You'll be starting on pavement for about a quarter mile before we put you onto Regicides for about seven miles of some of the gnarliest, rockiest trail you can imagine. Then, the fun really starts as you climb up High Rock to the intersection of the Q Trail. You will follow blue blazes down to the first aid station at Brooks Rd, then climb up to Mad Mare Ridge before a nice little descent to a one mile road section on Downs Road, crossing Gaylord Mountain Road, then continuing on asphalt before going back on dirt right before the Y Camp.

You'll summit Mt. Sanford at mile 12, then cross Route 42 near Holiday Hill before another climb up to the backside of Roaring Brook Park (home to CT's tallest waterfall). Then you'll continue on to the turnaround aid station where the dirt hits Cornwall Ave in Prospect.

What in the...

Blue blazes all day!

Here's the interactive Blue-Blazed Hiking Trails map from CFPA: CFPA Interactive Map

There will be aid stations at mile 8 (Brooks Rd- water only) and the turnaround in Prospect at mile 16.3 (Cornwall Ave), so aid will happen at miles 8 (water only), 16.3 (your own drop bag) and 24.5 (water only) before finishing back at South Overlook at mile 32.7. There will be no aid beyond what you are supplying for yourself and the water aid stations will be unmanned. There will be one volunteer to assist you with your drop bag. Sorry, this is the only way we can practice social distancing by making all aid points contactless.

Designed to be tough...

There's a *strict* 10-hour cutoff and some of you will need all of that, this runs more like a 50-miler. Please take note: this run is different than last year- there will be NO PACERS and NO CREWS. It needs to be a "challenge". I'll also be enforcing *strict* cutoffs at various aid stations along the way- you must get to the turnaround at mile 16.3 by 1 pm and mile 24.6 by 3:30 pm. Basically, you have to maintain a 18:21 per mile pace, or roughly 3.3 mph. C'mon- you can "almost" hike this whole thing if you want.

You'll also get one drop bag I'll shuttle out to the turnaround (mile 16.3). When race directors are like "must be smaller than the size of a shoebox" I have to agree here, do not bring a duffle bag with your 100-mile race kit for me to schlepp out to Prospect, please. A portion of the proceeds from this race will benefit Connecticut Forest and Parks Association, West Rock Ridge Park Association and Sleeping Giant Park Association.

Please be advised that this race is subject to cancellation for COVID-19 concerns, so really think it through before you sign up knowing that you will not receive a refund if this race is in fact cancelled. If you are traveling from any of the following states you will not be allowed to enter CT unless you have quarantined for 14 days: CT TRAVEL ADVISORY

Local time: 1:54 PM


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