Sunday, Oct 4, 2020 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 4, 2020

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COVID 19 Update

As I am sure you are aware Covid 19 has shutdown many activities including running events in Washington State. Until we have clear direction to continue our events in 2020 registration has been "kind of" halted. If you want to run this event please sign up. You will be put on a waiting list. When and if we are given permit’s we will open up registration again. Those on the waiting list will be notified and asked to pay for the event. If we are given 3 weeks or less time notice either from Washington State or our permitting agencies shirts may not be available. We will have awards, beverages and food at all of our events. We will have strict social distancing rules at all of our events and will expect all participants and their families/friends to adhere to them.

About the event

Baker Lake Classic 25k occurs in a beautiful serene fall setting. Stands of giant old growth trees draped in lichen and covered in moss are some of the highlights along this trail. This trail leads into a majestic stand of douglas fir that regrew after Mt. Baker erupted and started a forest fire in 1843. You can still see the burned snags of the cedar trees that once dominated the area. From north to south, the trail contours the eastern shoreline of Baker Lake, offering glimpses of Mt. Baker. All along the trail spot western trillium, twinflower, foamflower, coralroot and twisted Stalk.

Baker Lake Classic 25k was added because of high demand to run a point to point route from the north end of the lake to the south end of the lake. More information is listed on our website

Since this is a point to point course runners will be bused to the start from the finish area. Please plan your schedule so you are at the buses EARLY. I would hate to see anyone miss out on running this great course because they were 5 minutes late for the bus.

Local time: 7:32 PM


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