Saturday, Sep 26, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 26, 2020

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We'll be back in 2021.

Go Run, Climb, then Climb some more.

Go Run,
then Climb some more.
now scream down the
and do it all over again &

9,000ft of vert?

You. Are. Welcome!

You run, climb, and probably shuffle along a variety of trials, from singletrack to forest road, straight up Rock Candy Mountain, the coolest named hill in the area. In just a little over 3.5 miles you climb 1,800ft to reach the summit. And yes, the actual summit. There, collect your high-fives, and head back down while greeting some poor folks still fighting the uphill climb - cheer them on, as you will be back there soon enough.

This race is not for the faint of heart. The route will lead you along a steep trail over gnarly roots and rocks which will make anyone smile, or maybe cry.
This is a mountain race without the altitude.

A brand new trail running adventure in Olympia, Washington. Let's go hunting for VERT in the Capitol Forest.

Rock Candy Mountain Run

1 Loop (7m/1,800ft. vertical gain & loss)

3 Loops (21m/5,400ft. vertical gain & loss)

5 Loops (35m/9,000ft. vertical gain & loss)

The Capitol Forest

The Rock Candy Mountain Run is brought to you by Einmaleins Events.
We are Olympia trail runners who love this city and its surrounding outdoor spaces. Inspiring people to get people out to explore and bringing folks together is our mission.

Local time: 10:42 AM
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