Thursday, Oct 8, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Eastern Continental Divide

1777 Deal Road

Meyersdale, PA Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

Registration Closed Tue. May 19, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Cancelled Event


The 2020 Eastern Continental Divide Race Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Frank and Mike of Altis Endurance Sports are super excited to conduct the inaugural Eastern Continental Divide Marathon and Half Marathon on Thursday October 8, 2020. Without question one of the finest rail-trails in America, the entire 150 miles of the GAP are a treat to run and bike, and the Eastern Continental Divide section of the trail is simply extra special. For runners not particularly concerned with running a fast time, run with your phone and take some pictures. The trail and the views from the trail are the star attractions, but crossing the Divide and running up to the northern entrance to the Big Savage Tunnel definitely adds to the race. Marathoners get the extra bonus of being able to run across the picturesque Keystone Viaduct.
This race is the second race in the 2020 Altis Mid-Atlantic Marathon and Half Marathon Series taking place on October 7-11. Run one, some, or all five of the Series races and enjoy some absolutely wonderful trail miles on the GAP and the C&O Canal Towpath.
For complete race information head over to the race web page at
Please note that the marathon start/finish line and the half marathon start/finish line are at two different locations a few miles apart on the trail due to parking constraints. It is possible for a half marathoner to start/finish the race at the marathon start/finish line if needed, but with the start/finish lines just a few miles apart it should not be an issue for marathoners and half marathoners to carpool to the race together if desired. The marathon start/finish line is at the fence in the large "banner" picture above.

Local time: 8:02 PM

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