January 1 - September 27, 2020

Ogg 2020 Challenge

Ogg Road

Shawnee, KS Mile

This Event Took Place Sun. Sep 27, 2020


How many Ogg Rd hill repeats can you run between January 1 and September 27th 2020?
Ogg road runs through Shawnee Mission Park between 79th street and Midland Drive. The half a mile segment garners approximately 190 feet of gain.

You must register and pay by January 31st 2020 to be included in the challenge.
Registration $45.

Rules and Data Collection
Once registered, request access to the Strava group “OGG Challengers 2020.” You must be registered for the admins of the Strava group to accept your request.
In order for Oggs to be counted they must be logged on Strava via GPS. Absolutely no manual entries will be accepted.
A full Ogg for the sake of this challenge is considered starting at the gravel access road at the top of Ogg, run downhill to the far side of the bridge and back. If in doubt, check out the ”Full Ogg Challenge ” segment on Strava. We will include a post on the Facebook and Strava groups to clarify.
Oggs may be included as a part of a run. For example, you may run a loop on the mountain bike trails and finish with an Ogg. It does not have to be a separate entry.
Any Strava runs that you want included for the challenge must be titled OGG x number you completed. Example: OGG x 3. You may extend your title, such as OGG x 3 on a beautiful day, or OGG x 1 plus the mountain bike trails. Though OGG must be at the start of the title for it to count.
You must have all of the months entries uploaded to Strava by the 3rd of the next month. As in, all of January’s entries must be uploaded to Strava and properly labeled by February 3rd.
There is enough data to dig through, please make this as easy for us to track as possible.
Any runs loaded after the 3rd of the month or that are mislabeled will not be counted.
A google sheet with everyone’s Ogg data will be shared to each participant as a view only document, as well as shared monthly in both Facebook and the Strava group.
The sheet will be updated within the first week of the month with everyone’s previous months totals.
The final date to log Oggs will be September 27th, the date of I Double Ogg Dare You 6hr run. Oggs run during the race DO count towards your final count. (OGG Challengers receive a $10 discount for I Double OGG Dare You, contact teamsparklellc@gmail.com for discount code).
Ogg Road is CLOSED for I Double Ogg Dare You and only registered runners will be able to log Oggs that day. The Challenge ends when the race ends. (Race participation is not required for the challenge.)
You are completely responsible for your safety when running. You must run during open park hours and be aware that it is a trafficked and open road. Run against traffic, make yourself seen, and be careful.

There will be a King and Queen of Ogg as the runners with the most Oggs run during that time.
Any runner completing 150 Oggs during the allotted time frame will receive a customized trucker hat.
We will have shirts for sale for an additional $20 fee available for all runners. We will take orders towards the end of the challenge. They will be available for pick up at I Double Ogg Dare You or can be shipped.

Local time: 11:42 AM


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