Saturday, Jun 6, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 6, 2020

Cancelled Event

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with Covid 19, we've had to make the very difficult decision to cancel Northern Lights 24 Hour. As you may know, Washington schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year which means that we are unable to use their facilities through the end of June. We've had discussions with La Conner High School about the possibility of postponing the event until late summer or early Fall but the school has decided not to schedule any future events until the current situation has changed following the instruction of Governor Inslee and OSPI. To be fair to all involved we feel that it's best to cancel the event until next year rather than leaving everyone lingering in the hope of re-scheduling later in the year. It's not fair to you to expect you to train for an event that isn't guaranteed to happen and it's not fair to us as we just can't organize a quality event in this current situation.

For now we're making June 12-13th, 2021 our tentative new event date and we promise you the same great event we hoped to share with you this year. So stay safe, keep running and please consider joining us next year.

Thank you for all your support in our inaugural year.

Yvonne Naughton

Race Director,

Northern Lights Running


Welcome To Northern Lights 24 Hour

Northern Lights Running aims to provide a high quality endurance event which is both certified and sanctioned by the USATF and IAU. This will allow athletes to set national or world best marks and to meet qualification standards for national teams. In addition, with it’s festive atmosphere and multiple race options including a 24 hour relay, our fun event will appeal not only to record chasers but to any runner who wishes to challenge their endurance.
The event strives to showcase our picturesque small town of La Conner and the talents and hospitality of it’s wonderful community. The high school staff and students play an integral part in volunteering for the race and part of the proceeds go back to the teams and clubs involved.
The event is very unique as we offer both a track course and a short loop paved course so as to cater to everyone's preferences. With spectacular views of lush farmland, the North Cascade Mountains and the majestic peak of Mount Baker, you're guaranteed to enjoy your run no matter which course you chose.

Race Course

The event will offer two different courses:

The track loop which is a 400 meter all weather track located at La Conner High School. The direction of travel will change every 6 hours. The inside three lanes will be reserved for those wishing to achieve certain USATF standards. A 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile and 50k split time will be available if desired. All other track participants, including relays will run in the outside three lanes and will receive credit for the extra distance covered in these lanes. There will be a 24 hour, 12 hour (day or night), 6 hour (day or night) and a 24 hour four person relay option. USATF Certification # WA19032RMB

The short paved loop is a 0.3883 mile loop which circumnavigates the La Conner Middle and High Schools. The course begins on the track before exiting to follow a route around the school buildings. It then returns to the track to allow the runners to cross the timing mat. The course is mostly paved sidewalk but includes a short gravel section and a short section of the track, both of which are less than 50 meters. The route will be marked and closed to any traffic. There will be course marshals at any intersections that involve spectator crossing. There will be a 24 hour, 12 hour (day or night), 6 hour (day or night) and a 24 hour four person relay option. Athletes will be able to receive 100 mile or 100k split times on this course if desired. USATF Certification # WA19031RMB

Event Schedule

June 6th – 7th, 2020
La Conner High School Track, La Conner, WA

6:00AM Saturday – Packet & Bib Pickup

7:30AM Saturday – Opening Ceremony & Race Briefing

8:00AM Saturday – 24 Hour, 24 Hour Relay, 100 Mile, 12 Hour Day, 6 Hour Day Start

8:00PM Saturday – 12 Hour Night, 6 Hour Night Start

8:00AM Sunday – End All Races


Timing will be provided by Mike Melton of MCM Timing and Results, LLC and Ultra Timing Professionals, LLC. Mike times numerous fixed time events including Six Days in the Dome, Across The Years, Desert Solstice, Dawn to Dusk to Dawn and Big Backyard Ultra. He also timed the 2018 European Championships and will time the 2021 World Championships in Timisoara, Romania.

Laps will be recorded by electronic chip timing and each athlete’s number of laps and distance will be shown on an electronic display near the start. Athletes can leave either course at any point during the race but must return to the same place before continuing. Live tracking will be provided on race day at my race|result. After the event results will be submitted for USATF and IAU record purposes where appropriate.

Aid Stations & Crew

There will be a fully stocked aid station on each course which will provide water, electrolyte drinks and food. There will also be space allocated for crew to set up tables, chairs or tents both for the track course and the short loop course.

Event Entertainment

Music entertainment will be provided throughout the event. The high school concession booth will be open and other food vendors will also be present. There are covered bleachers for spectators to see all the athletes as both courses converge on the track.


All participants will receive a unique finisher’s prize. Awards will also be given to the top male, female and relay in each of the track and short loop categories. The 6 hour day and night runners and the 12 hour day and night runners will be grouped together for awards. A belt buckle will be awarded to all athletes reaching 100 miles or more.

Packet Pickup & Awards Ceremony

Race packet and bib pickup will be held in downtown La Conner the evening before the event. Runners and crew can sign up for a pre-race dinner to be held at the same location. More details will follow closer to the event day.

Immediately after the race ends runners are invited to join us in the middle school gym for a breakfast hosted by the school’s Booster Club. Prizes will be awarded at this time and athletes who received charity bibs for the event will be invited to speak about their chosen cause.


Many of the high school students will be a part of our amazing volunteer team for the event. In return part of the proceeds will go to their various sports teams and clubs. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team to help with event set up, aid stations, course marshaling and event breakdown you can sign up by following the link to our Volunteer Form on our website. Volunteers will receive a race shirt and credit towards the next year’s race.

Charity Bib

A number of charity entries will be offered for the 24 hour solo and relay events. Athletes who pledge to raise funds for their selected non-profit organization will be offered an invitational entry. If you are interested in this charity program please complete our Charity Program Form on our website and contact me directly. Once this is submitted and approved the athlete(s) will be extended an invitational entry. The athlete(s) must pledge to raise a minimum of $1000 and will be invited to speak briefly about their charity at the post race breakfast and awards presentation. The chosen organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) and may not be religious based or political. We greatly value organizations that strengthen our local community and align with our mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running. If you have any questions about the program please contact me at


A 50% refund will be offered for cancellations before April 1st, 2020. No refunds will be offered after this date.

Event's current local time: 5:28 AM PT
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