Saturday, Jul 18, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 18, 2020

Event Postponed

This event has been postponed from May 09, 2020 to Jul 18, 2020

About the event

Welcome to the grand opening of another mile to the Pine Valley mountain bike trail; and to the Pine Valley Bike and Run, which is a fund raiser to extend the mountain bike trails to 5 miles. If you bike, run, ski, snowshoe, ski jump, walk, or walk the dog, please support this extension in this crown jewel of the Cloquet Park System. All funds go to the extension and are tax deductible.

Due to the Coronavirus and Covid 19 causing us to social distance and fight off this disease, the Pine Valley - Bike and Run event has been postponed until July 18th. Proper social distancing will be observed along with any other procedures suggested or required by the state and the disease.

Also due to the virus, a virtual option has been added. You have a choice to do either, unless the situation changes for the worse. Do any of the three bike and/or run events between Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 26th, 2020 at a place of your choosing.

Bike and or run among the scenic pines and northern hardwoods of Pine Valley. The Pine Valley - Bike and Run provides community and visiting bikers and runners a choice of a 18.8K duathlon - bike and run, a 13.3K bike, and a 5.5K run. This event is a fund raiser to extend the mountain bike trail to the planned 5 miles.

The events are the 18.8K duathlon, which is two loops biking on the single track and one loop running on the 5.5K ski trail; the 13.3K mountain bike ride, which is 2 loops of the single track trail; and the 5.5K run, which is one loop on the ski trail.

The event was originally designed just to use the existing mountain bike trail, but since one mile of new trail was built in May, that loop has been added. This change occurred after advertising and registration were set up.

For families, there is the 1.2K Family Fun. It is for families with children under 10. Ride as a family the beginners loop from the chalet to the esker.

Again due to covid 19, please bring your own drinks and energy. Let's have a socially distance tailgate party.

Your participation in this event helps promotes the versatility of the Pine Valley trails. Please register early. Thanks.

Donation only

If you would like to make a donation without registering for the event please click here

Event procedures

Due to the Coronavirus and the need to be cautious, the Pine Valley - Bike and Ride will have procedures different than the old normal.

1) Practice social distancing whenever possible. Wear masks if in close contact with others. Also, ride and/or run safely. BE SAFE!
2) Check-in will follow the toll booth model. On the service road to Pine Valley will be a volunteer, who will give you a check in form to fill out and sign. Stay in your car and stay in line until your check-in is complete. Then proceed to the parking lots.
3) Leave one car width between parked cars. When the parking lot in front of the chalet and ski jump is full (with proper spacing), park in the paved hockey arena parking lot.
4) Starts will be by individuals, no mass start.
5) Those riders who can jump and like a LOT of air, (Fliers) will start first. They can start anytime between 9:00 and 9:15 am.
6) Those riders who keep two tires on the ground at most all times, (Ground Crew) will start second. They can start after the first group has made their first lap.
7) Family Fun riders will start after the Fliers and Ground Crew have finished. Family Fun is for families with young riders, age 10 and under. The whole family rides together. Registration is under the youngest rider’s name.
8) Runners only will start between 10:00 and 10:15 am.
9) Riders and runners will stratify themselves according to ability. Please don't over estimate your ability.
10) If somebody is faster than you and is behind you and wants to pass, please pull over and let them pass.
11) No timing is required, but if a rider or runner wants a time, they will be self-timed. Self-times can be reported to the event timers and the results will be posted.
12) The biking course will be marked with ribbon and flagging. There will be two officials directing traffic at two critical intersections.
13 Because the new trail was completed after registration and advertising were set up, the course will be longer than originally published. The course is now 18.8 K for the bike and run, and 13.3 K for the bike only, not 13K and 7.5K, respectively.
14) The biking course will be two laps of the flagged course. Bikers will pass the starting shack twice.
15) In addition, the course will make two loops on top of the esker - 1st loop on the 2-year old trail and 2nd loop on the new trail built this past May. A volunteer will be there to assist you.
16) All jumps have a bypass. Do not go over the jumps unless you are very good and checked them out beforehand.
17) After you have participated in the event, stay for tailgating. Bring your own tailgating supplies.
18) Have fun. Be courteous. Be safe.

Local time: 4:10 AM


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