Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 @ 8:00 AM
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A New Long Island Ultra

The Inaugural Conquer the Hills Ultra is set for October 24th 2020 to create a new trail running challenge on The Island. Located in the hidden trails of the Farmingville Hills County Park, these trails on the Ronkonkoma Moraine include hills enough to keep experienced runners entertained. Because this is a timed format race, runners of all experiences can run their own races

Profits from this race will support the Farmingville Historical Society. In addition to providing an educational environment, the Farmingville Historical Society provides management and support to the park's trails.

What's the Race Format?

The Conquer the Hills Ultra is a 1.55 mile loop with about 150 feet of vertical gain and 150 feet of drop each loop. Runners will compete to see who can complete the most loops within the race's time limit.

Runners are free to run or walk at their own pace during the race. This is a perfect race to run as your first trail race or finish a Half Marathon, Full Marathon, or an Ultra Marathon.

No one who starts will receive a DNF.
For this race, all racers will start with the 9 hour limit as an option, regardless of which race they sign up for.
Runners can officially end their race by the 3 hour mark to be ranked in the 3 hour race.
Runners can officially end their race by the 6 hour mark to be ranked in the 6 hour race.
All runners who keep going past 6 hours will be ranked in the 9 hour race.

Only full loops completed by the 9 hour cutoff will be counted.

Schedule on Race Day

Sign in starts: 7:00 AM
Pre-Race meeting: 7:50 AM
Race starts: 8:00 AM
3 Hour cutoff: 11:00 AM
6 Hour cutoff: 2:00 PM
9 Hour cutoff: 5:00 PM


Awards will be given to the top three women and the top three men in the 9 hour, 6 hour, and 3 hour races.

Tell Me About Snacks and Support

There will be an aid station with candy, water, PB&J, fruit, chips, soda, and other ultra-food. Runners will pass the aid station every loop (1.55 miles). We are working to arrange a mid-day meal for runners. We will try to have diverse foods, but runners with dietary restrictions or favorite ultra-foods should make sure to bring their own supplies. Runners should also bring any gels or similar supplies if they plan to use them.

Runners should bring a water bottle or cup, because we will try to limit waste. Cups are not permitted on the course to prevent litter.

Runners can leave a drop bag (please make sure it is reasonably sized) at the aid station and access it whenever necessary. There will be a tarp for the drop bags, but it will not be covered - please pack your belongings in water tight containers in case of rain.

What About Swag?

We will have surprise swag for every finisher, and everyone who starts is a finisher! We are runners too, so you can be sure that the swag is something we know you'll appreciate.

Other Questions

Who can run this race?
Everyone can run this race! Because this is a loop race you will have access to the start/finish every loop. You will also have access to your gear and food whenever you need them. This means you can run the distance you want and that you are comfortable with.

Can I bring my child?
Children are welcome, but please remember that they may not be able to run the same distance as an experienced adult. All runners must sign up for the race in order to participate. If your child would like to run, a parent or guardian must stay with them at all times through the race.

Can my friend pace me?
Unregistered pacers are not permitted. We need to know who is on the course for safety reasons and we do not want to overwhelm the trail. If you have a friend who wants to run with you or pace you, they should sign up for the race and set up a plan.

Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs and Farmingville Hills County Park is dog friendly. However, please do not bring your dog running with you during the race. We ask all racers to leave their furry friends at home or have a family member watch their leashed dog at the aid station while you run. This lets other runners use the trail and run their races.

Can I use Trekking Poles?
There are a few hills on the course, and if you feel that Trekking Poles would help you can make use of them. You probably won't need them. If you do choose to use poles, you must be conscientious of other runners. Make sure that you let them pass and that you are aware of your surroundings. We suggest that any runners who wish to use poles spend time practicing before the event.

Assorted Rules and Regulations

No Littering - all runners should be respectful of the trails. Any runner observed littering will be disqualified.

Respect Other Runners - be aware of other runners on the trail. Trail running is a community sport and we are all here to have fun. Let people pass when they need to, look out for other runners who need assistance, and smile!

Headphones are permitted, but you must remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep the volume low or keep one ear free. This will let other runners tell you what a good job you are doing.

Event's current local time: 8:09 PM ET
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