Friday, Aug 28, 2020 @ 7:00 PM

Divide 100k

City Park

Georgetown, CO 100K

This Event Took Place Fri. Aug 28, 2020

Cancelled Event



**Update 7/12: Unfortunately, the 2020 Divide 100k is cancelled. An email has been sent to all registered. In short, while our event is within the state guidelines, hosting an event this remote has the risk of a high burden if search and rescue or other emergency services are called out, pulling them away from their communities in a time when they are already taxed. In line the the most recent local public health orders stating this, the race is cancelled. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.

**Update 6/24: Registration is re-opened through July 16. The race is well within Colorado's current special-event parameters, so unless those change I am confident we have a race!

**COVID-19 Update 6/1: Currently, the race is a go. As this is an ever-changing situation however, our plan is to keep registration open as long as possible (Approximately July 10) to allow ample time for confirming strategies with our permitting bodies for holding the race, while still being able to provide the race we want to give. Obviously, this year, the race will be different. There will likely be minimal finish line activities. There will definitely be a wave start. There may be variation on the execution of aid station foods. The formal implementation of these will not happen until nearer to the event as the information surrounding disease spread is improving week by week and we want to implement these in a timely manner.

**COVID-19 Update 4/8: I know this is on everyone's minds currently. As things stand, we are confident that the race will go as planned. We have several things in our favor for this: the race is still 4.5 months away, low numbers, and the inherent social distancing in ultra running. We are in constant communication with our permitting bodies, and if necessary will adapt to the situation as needed in August (waved starts, throttled registration stations and finish lines, etc.) Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, cheers.

Welcome all! Please note if you have not been on this page in a while, we have extended entry until June 24 to allow more time for racers to plan given the current pandemic and travel climate. This is the latest we can extend while still having plenty of time for to secure finisher swag.

If you have questions regarding qualifications, please email us prior to registering! We want everyone out there to have prior high mountain experience.

The Divide 100k is designed to explore wilderness near commerce. Only 40 miles west of Denver, you will depart the old mining town of Georgetown for a near-pure loop of the high country of Clear Creek County and Summit County, Colorado, crossing the continental divide three times, including over Argentine Pass, the highest pass on the entire continental divide. Please be aware that given the high alpine nature of the race, we have specific gear requirements that can be found on our website.

If you cannot perform your eight required hours of trail work, you will find under the "add-ons" screen an option to buy out--this is not required, and you are welcome to donate even if you do trail work! The amount will be divided between the Colorado Trail Foundation and Continental Divide Trail Coalition, sans 5% for the USFS.

Local time: 9:50 PM


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