Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Desert Donkey Dash

5th Street & Toughnut Street

Tombstone, AZ 13 Miler, 6 Miler, 3 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 10, 2020

Event Postponed

This event has been postponed from Apr 04, 2020 to Oct 10, 2020

Arizona Pack Burro Racing

Supported by the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation!

We are excited that officers and members of the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation (WPBA) will be in Tombstone. For this first race, there are two different race divisions- Packs and Bareback. Runners who are running their own donkeys, we understand that pack saddles are an investment. The investment is well worth it! You are not just buying a pack saddle for the race. Purchasing a pack saddle broadens your ability to have adventures with your donkey. A pack will help change the things you can do with your donkey to include activities like hiking, camping, picnics, and just good old fashion fun with your donkey. Eric Lynn, President of the WPBA will be onsite if you have questions about pack saddles. The WPBA Colorado pack burro races require a pack saddle with traditional mining gear of gold pan, pick, and shovel to pay homage to the state’s mining heritage. Packs are helpful because they help improve your run by carrying your gear and provisions, especially for longer race courses. Please be advised that future races WILL require pack saddles per WPBA rules.


Runner must have personal or rented donkey in order to register for this race. No riding allowed. Donkeys shall be in good health and sound condition. Boots for donkeys are recommended, but not mandatory.


There are 3 distances: 3 mile intro, 6 mile short, and 13 mile long. Courses will be marked by color. There will be water stations at the break off of the three courses. Water stations will be near the Charleston Road Crossing for the 6 & 13 mile course and at Monument Guest Ranch. First aid supplies will be at each station with emergency crew on stand by.

3 Mile Intro Course (YELLOW RIBBONS): Starting line is on historic Allen Street. Teams will run east on Allen Street and make a right turn that will go through Toughnut Gulch then into the historic mining district of Tombstone. Teams will travel over the Good Enough, Way Up, Toughnut, Girard, and Westside Mines, powering up a steep incline to an 1800s water tank on top of Tombstone Hills. The water tank is hand carved from solid granite which is fed by 20+ springs from 26 miles away providing Tombstone with its water supply. You will progress down hill within view of spectators/town for approximately one mile. On the return, teams will cut across the gulch back to the mining properties to the Good Enough Mine finishing at the gates to the mining district. This course provides a number of different surfaces and terrains including a steep grade from 4500 ft to approximately 4900 ft.

6 Mile Course (BLUE RIBBONS): Will run 2 miles of the 3 mile course. At mile 2, turn left, the course breaks off into the deeper part of Tombstone’s historic mining district into Toughnut Gulch. The course then crosses over the Lucky Cuss and Westside Mines and will end at the gates of Good Enough Mine.

13 Mile Course (ORANGE RIBBONS): Will run 2 miles of the 3 mile course. At mile 2, the course breaks off into a challenging route, with an incline from 4600 ft to 5000 ft over the hill into the gravel pit with views of the Grand Central & Contention Mines onto the Emerald Mine Road. The course turns right onto Old Owls Nest Road, crosses Charleston Road at the Hobo Camp, cutting through the old corrals to the arroyo up to the powerline road to the 1903 railroad bed under the 1900s train trestle to Schieffelin Monument through the Monument Guest Ranch back into the arroyo for a couple of miles crossing back over Charleston Road into the mining district over the Westside Mines to the Girard Mine, Toughnut Mine, and finishing at the Good Enough Mine which started the city of Tombstone.


Participant and donkey starting the race must remain a team throughout the race (DONKEY EXCHANGING NOT ALLOWED). If participant becomes separated from their donkey (participant and donkey are no longer racing as a connected team) must return to the place they became separated before continuing the race. Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification. The winning combination consists of the participant and donkey team to cross the finish line. The participant may be leading or following the donkey. The donkey's nose crossing the finish line first constitutes the winner.


8:45 AM Saturday, October 10- Donkey Meet & Greet

9 AM Saturday, October 10- Race Start





Dry camp sites near Good Enough Mine (Third Street). $10 fee will be collected upon arrival.

Showers available at Wells Fargo for $5.


Burro Buddies

California Breakfast Burritos

Mountain Ridge Gear

New Mexico Pack Burros

Original ATV

Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation

Local time: 8:17 PM


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