Saturday, Aug 22, 2020 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 22, 2020

Cancelled Event



Due to the events surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, we anticipate the possibility of this event being unable to happen on it’s current date. We are keeping the possibility of a postponement open, though will not make a decision until we are able to have more concrete idea of when it would be possible to consider a new date. We are keeping our registration page open because the only up front cost is the $5 non-refundable hold your spot donation for Urban Trail Co. whether the race proceeds or not. Thank you for your understanding.

Race Guidelines

Tour De Trail is a series of five to six mile trail races throughout the Kansas City Area. Run one, or run them all. An overall male and female winner is awarded for each race, and an overall male and female is awarded for the series.

In order to protect the trails, races will be subject to cancellation if trails are wet. Therefore we will only be accepting onsite day of race registration. Races are capped at 75 runners.
You may ensure a spot with a $5 deposit per race in advance. DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. If the race is canceled due to weather or you don’t show up, the deposit is forfeit. ALL deposits will be donated to Urban Trail Co for all of the work they do maintaining and building trails in the Kansas City area.

Pre registered - $25 (Race day you would owe the final $20 of your registration).
Non pre registered - $30 ($5 will still go to Urban Trail Co) SPACE PERMITTING
If you have not secured your spot in advance and there is still room left, race day registration is $30.
Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted on site for race day registration.
Dogs-$5 (will be donated to Urban Trail Co)
Collapsible cups- $10 (merely an option.. Not required)

We will use clock timing. Results will be listed on ultrasignup.

Water will be provided at start/finish and one other place along the course. See maps for aid station. All Team Sparkle races are CUPLESS. You must bring your own hydration device. We will have collapsible cups for sale at the registration table for $10. Bananas will be available at the finish.

Race Rules

NO Littering! Please be sure that you pack out any gu wrappers, tissues or bottles that you use on course. Litterers will be subject to public flogging and humiliation (and disqualification)
No poles allowed (contact RD’s if medical/extenuating circumstances)
No alcohol allowed in Kansas parks
Dogs allowed. Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times and you must pick up after your dog. Runner will be subject to disqualification if these rules are not adhered to. Dog must be registered, paid for and wear a number.
This is a cupless event. You are responsible for providing your own water bottle or cup. Collapsible cups will be for sale at the registration table.
Course must be followed as marked. If any portion of the course is cut, runner will be disqualified. If you get off course you must backtrack and follow the proper course.
Markings: Course will be marked using pink flagging and will be explained in the pre race briefing.
Road crossings: some of the races will have road crossings. Volunteers will be stationed at crossings, but runners are responsible for their own safe crossing. Please check carefully for cars and/or bikes. Parks and roads will remain open during the races.
Personal music devices are allowed as long as headphones are used and you maintain a volume that allows you to hear other runners. We recommend either one earbud or bone conducting headphones. NO SPEAKERS. These are single track courses and passing will be tight, please be courteous to other runners and stay alert.
Passing: Allow runners in front of you to know that you would like to pass and then pass on the left when it is safe to do so. On out and back sections, yield to the person returning to start/finish area.
Kids are welcome to register. Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the entirety of the race course.

Runners will receive a sticker branded specifically for the trail system for that days course.

First overall Male and Female will be awarded each race.
First overall Male and Female will also be awarded for the “Tour”. At the end of each race points will be awarded. First place gets 100, second place 99, third 98, and so on down the list. Points will be added together for all races in the Tour. The Male and Female with the most points will receive an award.


6:00-6:45 AM registration open
7:00 AM race start
10:00 AM cutoff. We must be strict on this cutoff due to our permit from the park. Please understand that if you come in beyond the 10am mark, we will be taking down the finish line stuff because we have to, not because we are impatient to go home. We will be there to cheer you on and high five you no matter what!

Event's current local time: 6:59 AM CT


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