Saturday, Oct 3, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 3, 2020

Hills x N, where N = the number of hills.

Taking place on a stunningly beautiful 6,500-acre Coast Range wildscape preserve and farm animal sanctuary in Northern California, The Wandering Idiot is truly like no other race you will ever run.

Nestled beneath Snow Mountain Wilderness and Mendocino National Forest, you will run through pristine wildscapes with ancient oaks, seldom-visited valleys, and vast, breathtaking views. The course features an 8½-mile loop with almost 2,000 feet of vert... because it’s a Festival of Hills!! Each loop begins and ends at a spacious, fully equipped hall with showers, restrooms, food, drink, and comfortable sleeping facilities.

The festivities before, during, and after the race will dazzle the senses and stir the soul. There will be costumes, light tunnels, music, fire dancers, and mysterious goings-on that can only be experienced, not explained.

Your registration includes unlimited camping, a full pre-race dinner, fully stocked aid stations, showers, delightful finishers awards, aerial acrobats, and other things that are, well... much harder to explain.

There will be cash prizes for the best costume, and the best mystery achievement! Oh, and there will also be cash prizes for the top female and male finishers!

We hope to see you this coming May in what promises to be one of the most beautiful, unique, festive, and memorable races you will ever run!

These races take place on the ancestral lands of the Nomlaki and Patwin peoples, who lived upon and cared for these lands for thousands of years..

Outline of Events:

Friday, May 13, 2022:
1:00 PM: The ranch and camping opens for runners and crew
2:30 PM: Runner check-in & race packet pick-up begins
6:30 PM: Race overview & a PowerPoint presentation about stuff
7:30 PM: Dinner begins
8:30 PM: Fire and Air Ceremony
10:30 PM: The Ranch Hall and Wandering Idiot Facilitators go night night... and maybe you should too!

Saturday, May 14, 2022:
6:00 AM: Ranch Hall is open, along with breakfast yummies and the costume photo booth!
7:45 AM: 24 Hour pre-race briefing
8:00 AM: The 24 Hour Race begins!
10:45 AM: 12 Hour pre-race briefing
11:00 AM: The 12 Hour Race begins!
1:45 PM: 6 Hour pre-race briefing
3:00 PM: The 6 Hour Race begins!
9:00 PM: Finish line cut-off for the 6 Hour Race
11:00 PM: Finish line cut-off for the 12 Hour Race

Sunday, May 15, 2022:
8:00 AM: Finish line cut-off for the 24 Hour Race
9:00 AM: Wandering Idiot Awards & Closing Ceremony
2:00 PM: Runners must be out of their campsites and departing


Best Costume Award:
There will be a cash prize for the best costume! Go ahead and be as whimsical, wild, or weird as you wish! In order to qualify for the best costume prize, you must wear your costume while on course for a minimum of six (6) hours.

Mystery Achievement Award:
There will be a cash prize for the best mystery achievement! The Mystery Achievement Award will be done by Wandering Idiot Facilitators via secret ballot upon the conclusion of all races. You will never be told why you won the award, though there is a decent chance you might know in your heart why you earned it.

Top Finishers Award:
Are you one of the swifter idiots out there?? Well, we have just the award for you! There will be cash prizes for the top 3 female and top 3 male finishers of each race! You're fast... enough said!

All Finishers:
Anyone who completes at least one loop is a finisher... run, walk, dance, or crawl!! Yes, you are a finisher! Nice job, Wandering Idiot! All finishers will receive something you'll be proud to wear, and something else that you almost definitely don't want to wear. You're welcome.

Local time: 10:36 PM
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