Friday, Mar 5, 2021

CGG 155 and 100 Ultra

hutchinson island, ga

Savannah, GA 155 Miler, 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Fri. Mar 5, 2021


CGG 100 and 155 Mile Ultras are set up on a waitlist for 2022 and beyond. If the minimum of 20 runners register on the waitlist for either of the distances by November 1st, 2021, the CGG 2022 will then be a go!

If we do not reach at least 20 runners by November 1st, CGG 100 and 155 will be canceled.

Another big announcement for CGG 100 and 155 mile ultras is that if the 2022 race is a go, it will begin in St. Mary's and end in Savannah. We're reversing the start for both distances.

Currently, the booklet and turn by turn instructions on this site are set up for starting in Savannah and ending in St. Mary's. I'll update the booklets and turn by turn instructions very soon. In the mean time, if interested in CGG, please register on the waitlist and please share the link! And, simply reverse the booklet.

Bib #3

Coastal Georgia Greenway 100 and 155 Mile Ultra

Take on this adventure of touring the Georgia Coastal Greenway from the South Carolina border to the Florida border. Running 155 miles through 6 counties in Georgia will bring a journey of unforgettable proportions.
If 155 miles is a bit intimidating, there is a 100 mile option which will take you through 4 counties. Still, an epic feat.
At this moment there are only about 20% trails, and 80% road. Our dream, maybe fascination, is to enable trails along the entire CGG. By passing along the word, enabling others to complete this event and aiding in donations to the cause we can make this happen.

For complete information for this race, maps, and rules, please visit

CGG 155: Out Running Wild

Local time: 12:03 AM


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