May 15 - 27, 2020

Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge

Douglasville, GA 24hrs

This Event Took Place Wed. May 27, 2020

Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge

>Thank you to everyone who has participated in this event ! It has been a great pleasure seeing all of you do amazing things !!!

A challenge to run or walk 5 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.
You cant do all the miles at once !!
This is a fun challenge to put our friends at the print shop back to work !!
You can complete this outside, inside, on your back deck or around the living room. Be creative have fun and enjoy yourself !i
Thank you for supporting the Yetis and our community !!
This can be done on any day you choose from April 1- June 30th.
Can I do the miles on a treadmill, driveway or in my living room ? yes. get creative and have fun !!!
Can I start at 2:30pm ? Yes. You pick the start time and then start your run 4 hours later.So if you chose to start at 2:30pm- your next run would start at 6:30 pm .
How do I submit my results ? This is done on the honor system. weve been hosting ultra events for 10 yeatrs and haven't ever been let down.
I didn't complete the event when I attempted-Do I need to register again ? No. Keep trying until the event end date. Push yourself . You got this !!
Will the results be timed or mileage? the results will be listed as 30 miles.
If you have any questions- send me a text or cal or email- My phone number is on the bottom of every email !
Have Fun and Stay Safe !!
Jason Green
Yeti Trail Runners

Local time: 8:00 PM

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