May 15 - 27, 2020
This Event Took Place Wed. May 27, 2020

Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge

Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge
Can I run the challenge and then try to beat my time ? Absolutely!! Can I run the challenge only one time and not try to beat my previous time? Absolutely. If this is your first or 100th 50k you can run it once and post your time ! This is the best training for a 50k/50miler there is !!
Do you have to beat your time ? No
Would it be awesome if you did ? hell yes
You must stick with the original format
Run or Walk 5.2 miles every 4 hours for 24 Hours ! That’s a total of 6 runs for a 50k
What happens if I don’t complete ? you have months to try again ! Never Give UP !!
What happens if I still don’t finish ? don’t stress, there is NO DNF ! if you don’t record a time you will not be included in the results but we don’t think that way- You got this !

Theres nothing like a great run cap ! This year we’ve partnered with RNNR to make the hats for every participant in the challenge ! RNNR is a trail runner based company started in a garage and built out of true love for trail running !
All swag ships in May 2024.

A challenge to run or walk 5.2 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.
You can’t do all the miles at once !!
This is a fun challenge to put our friends at the print shop back to work !!
You can complete this outside, inside, on your back deck or around the living room. Be creative have fun and enjoy yourself !
Thank you for supporting the Yetis and our community !!
This can be done on any day you choose from Jan 1 - Dec 30th

Can I do the miles on a treadmill, driveway or in my living room ? yes. get creative and have fun !!!
Can I start at 2:30pm? Yes. You pick the start time and then start your run 4 hours later. So if you chose to start at 2:30pm- your next run would start at 6:30 pm .

How do I submit my results ? This is done thru self-reporting on ultrasignup and on the honor system. we’ve been hosting ultra events for 10 years and haven't ever been let down.
I didn't complete the event when I attempted-Do I need to register again ? No. Keep trying until the event end date. Push yourself. You got this !!
can do each leg separatley or together

If you have any questions- send me a text or call or email- My phone number is on the bottom of every email !
Have Fun and Stay Safe !!
Jason Green
Yeti Trail Runners

Event's current local time: 12:52 PM ET


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