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Wild Florida 120 Mile

4755 N Kenansville Rd

St. Cloud, FL 50 Miler, 120 Miler

Registration Opens Mon. Aug 3, 2020 @ 10:00 AM ET

The Wild Florida 120

A 120 mile point to point course in Florida.
No loops no out n back course!!! Go through every environment / biome in Florida multiple times

What is the point of this race?
The point of this race is to see and experience the WILD side of Florida, The off the beaten track, and the places you didn’t know existed. The beauty is unparalleled and the wildlife is right there with it. You will likely see 100+ types of animals during the race most of them birds. You will get an epic sunset, sunrise and likely a sunset again for most of you.

120 miles with less than 1000 ft of gain but more scenery and wildlife than likely any other race in North America. This is the WILD FLORIDA that Ponce De Leon saw. From Savannas to Dry Prairie to cypress swamps on elevated board walks to pine flats this course has it all! You will cross at night through the only Dark Sky designated state park in Florida.

The race while on paper is flat and looks easy. It is far from it. You’ll experience unparalleled sunrises and a sunset. You’ll run through swamps, prairies, palms and things you didn’t know existed.

This is a race where we don’t hold your hand. There is not an aid station every 4 miles. You will need a pack and the correct gear. You have 7-15 miles between aid stations. You will run alone for long sections of this course. Parts of this course are extremely fast, other parts will be extremely technical and you’ll come to a crawl.

Did you know the highest concentration of bald eagles in the lower 48 is in Florida right where our course is?

We will cover approximately 105 miles on the Florida National Scenic Trail. No other race has uses a single step of our course. You will have single track, double track, dirt roads and about 2 miles of paved roads. To make this race possible we cross 5 WMAs, a state park, 5 counties and multiple sections of private private property.
The course will be lightly marked with flagging as the route is blazed for the first 100 plus miles as you are on the Florida Trail.

39 hour time limit for 2020

Refunds / what ya get with the race!

Here’s what you need to know
1. Refund policy ...100% refund minus ultra sign up / credit card fees / tax within 29 days of order. Then we will allow you 60% refund of race cost minus ultra sign up fees until August 1st. After August 1st no $ back but From sign up until October 30th you can defer the entry for 1 year.

2. With rego you get a pint glass, tech shirt, and the handmade buckle. 4 major road crossings. Live trail timing aka the same timing they use for utmb and the only love timing that actually works. If you’ve run one of my races or followed it where we did it then you know how awesome it is! Free photos for all the runners. I pay for photographers to give you free photos

3. It also includes an expensive 90 minute or longer shuttle ticket to the start. You don’t have to use this though. (Ultrasignup has that as an add on but that was wrong. It’s free and included in the price so I am refunding that $ to those who got it)

This race is not a cheap race to put on The race goes through 5 wild life management areas, 5 counties, a state park, the USFS, and several private land owners. This is the reason that other rds won’t touch something like this.
This race donates $ to the Florida trail association each year. This is not a normal race where we have bananas and pb n j. Yeah well have that but I’ve just bought a couple $500 each pizza ovens, some grills etc to make pizza and grilled food during the race.

To run 120 miles and have
Hope to see y’all Jan 31st just south of Orlando!

Course is subject to change as are cutoffs and all details about the race. If race is stopped or canceled for ANY reason there will be no refunds given.

Refer to our website for all details about the race.

Mandatory for all runners

Volunteer hours:
All runners must complete 8 hours of trail work or volunteering at a trail race within 365 days of this years race. We will have it set up a month or so out to turn that in.

Gear to be carried at all times:
running pack
Capacity for 2 L of fluids
cell phone with course preloaded on Trail run project app
Headlamp with spare batteries
space blanket

no pre req...

Run Bum Race

This race is a Run Bum designed course

Local time: 1:31 PM


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