Saturday, Jun 20, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Mid-State Mile

9600 Big East Fork rd

Franklin, TN Last Person Standing

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 20, 2020

It’s Just A Mile

EVERYONE WILL GO TO A WAITLIST AND WE WILL START CONFIRMING ENTRIES JANUARY 5th. Past participants from Mid-State and then Tennessee Mile will be selected first. Empty slots then will be filled in order from the waitlist.

The Mid-state Mile will take place on what we have deemed The Murder Mile. The course is housed on private land just 20 minutes from Downtown Franklin . Within 1 mile and 340 feet of elevation gain per loop you’ll encounter two climbs with fast runnable sections between them an an easy downhill section through the field to the start/finish area. The course itself is an old logging road so it’s nice wide double track.

This will be a Last Man Standing event. Runners will be given 20 minutes to complete the loop and must be back in the starting corral ready to start the next loop. More on all details to come but for now all you need to know is that you have to be able to do 3 miles an hour. Sounds simple,right? It is -because it’s only a mile.

We will have a tented area for runners to have a chair and small cooler next to the starting corral. There will be a separate area for crew and camping.

If you are a Race Director please contact me before registering . We have a special deal for you to show our gratitude .


-You must be in the starting corral at the start of the next loop.
-You must leave the corral at the start and proceed to take two steps past the starting line.

-Runners coming in after the 20 minute limit will be eliminated.

-In order to be declared the winner, you must complete your last loop in the 20 minute time period.

-No runner may accept aid while on the course

Absolutely no pets. There are already pets that call this place home and while we love our furry friends we do not want to disturb and upset the current residents. If you bring a furry sidekick you will be asked to take them back to their home.
Nobody is permitted in the house or on the porch.
There are hunting stands on the property for safety reasons ,those are off limits as well.

Please Do and Strongly Encouraged

Please bring your family ,friends ,and a can-do attitude and smiles. We will be encouraging spectators to venture on the course . We want you to feel loved and supported every step of the way . We also want to provide some entertainment for those people with enough sense to not signup and what better way than watching you suffer.


In the wake of Covid19 we know that June 20 might seem a little soon for some people to feel safe. So in light of that (and wanting to be good humans ),we will be prepared to change the date to July 18th. When we know more about what the CDC and state governments are recommending we will feel know for certain. As I’m sure we all will and I know we are all ready to play with our friends again, but doing so responsibly . Also we ask that you bring your aid. We will be providing drinks and real food throughout the event. However this year typical community Aid Station fare will not be provided because recent crisis.

We will be taking as many precautions as possible in an effort to do our part and keep everyone safe. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and getting back to what we love.

Shirts & Refund Policy

If you wish to receive a race shirt with your entry you MUST register before June 1st . Any entries after that will NOT receive a race shirt .

Please know when you register for this event you are donating to covering the costs of bringing all of our trail lovers together . The event will still take place even if we need to reschedule to July, but we will do everything in our power to avoid postponing .The event is hosted on private land so we will not be relying on Forestry Services or state parks to give us the go-ahead.

Now more than ever it is important that we support each other as humans and as a community celebrate FINALLY being out of quarantine.We want to bring everyone together with a fun and unique experience all can enjoy. Please know your entry fee is being donated to the human experience and giving those we call friends the gift of a good day in the woods.

Local time: 2:17 AM


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