April 18 - May 16, 2020

Squatch Van GO

Virtual Race

This Event Took Place Sat. May 16, 2020

Squatch VanGO

Are you a displaced trail runner? Roadie-Poser? Or maybe you've always enjoyed road-running so now you're busy comforting your trail running friends who have been grieving their closed trails! Regardless of your running-status-- we’ve got a squatchtastically unique virtual event for you!

Join us for the first ever Squatch VanGo event! Unlike any other race you've ever signed up for, for this event, you get to choose your distance, choose your location and choose your route. The catch-- your route needs to be a SHAPE in one of the following categories:

ANIMAL (mythical creatures are obviously included in this shape category)
GEOMETRIC SHAPE: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, polygon or parallelogram

This format gives runners the ultimate creative freedom to choose the location and the distance of their run/walk/hike! This means that you can run or walk 1 mile or 100 miles! You can be in San Francisco or New Jersey, on the road or on the trails or in your backyard!

How Does It Work?

This event requires a some creativity! First, choose your shape-category and then narrow it down to the specific shape you want to draw. Second, map out your route (we recommend the Route-Building feature on Strava as it is very easy to use). Then, GO RUN! And last, sync your device so you can see your route and then share it on social media! Post it in the Facebook event page and on your social media! Be sure to tag SASSQUAD TRAIL RUNNING so we can celebrate your run with you! Complete the race anytime between April 18 - May 16, 2020!

But What If I Hate Technology?

We get it! Technology isn't everyone's forte.... If you don't have a smart watch/GPS, or if you didn't understand anything in that last paragraph, don't worry--the Squatch has you covered! Map out your route using a paper map, or Google Maps and then go run it! We aren't requiring you to submit your results. And posting your results and pictures on social media is NOT required (just encouraged so we can celebrate with you!). So don't let that stop you from participating.


Here at Sassquad Trail Running, we pride ourselves in giving out unique, handcrafted swag. This race is no different-- all participants will receive a handcrafted wood medal in the mail (postage is included in your registration fee)!

Runners and walkers also have the option to get a personalized wood medal as an add-on. If you send us your completed map, we'll engrave it on the back of your wood medal! Pretty squatchtastic, huh??!

We are also offering: Sassy Squatchtastic Support Swag for your family members who may be helping you out on your run! We know (and love!) that running is a community-centered sport. We hope that you are able to involve your whole family in this event! Work together to map out the route and do some "recon runs" with your family! If you want to get your family some Support Swag, check out the add-on's when you sign up!


For those of you who are familiar with us here at Sassquad Trail Running, you know that we always have a charity partner for our events. We had to postpone our April event, so instead of waiting for the make-up date, we are going to go ahead and support our charity partner for that event with this virtual race! We are proud to support SOXCESS, an amazing charity in Hudson County, NJ that delivers new socks to those in need. Did you know that socks are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters? We have supported Soxcess since we started in 2018 and have donated over 1,000 pairs of socks. For the Squatch VanGO, we will donate 12 pairs of socks for every runner who registers. So if we have 100 people sign up, we will donate 1,200 pairs of socks! We also have a donation option available in the add-on's if you would like us to purchase additional socks for you.

Results and DQ's

We aren't requiring you to submit "results" or post pictures, but we really want you share your run with us! Find us on social media and post pictures of your run! And as always, our events are kid/family friendly so keep it PG; stick with the shape categories and have fun! Any inappropriate shapes will results in an automatic DQ.


Q: When can I complete my run/walk?
A: You can complete it anytime, anywhere! You just need to sign up before May 16th!

Q: I want to plan out my route, what's the best way to do that?
A: There are a lot of free website route-building tools you can use! Here are a couple:
Plot A Route:
Map My Run:

Q: I want the SWAG! When will I get my medal?
A: We'll mail them out as we make them; all medals will be in the mail by May 16th, when online registration closes.

Q: I added the custom map add-on for my medal. How do I get you my completed VanGO map?
A: Shoot us an email with the screenshot of your map!

Q: The route I mapped out is too long for me to complete in one shot; can I take a couple of days to run it?
A: Absolutely! This challenge is about getting out there and having some fun!


We want the WHOLE family to come out to our events! We have a special discount code for families registering 3 or more Squatches in the same household. Please email before you register so we can give you the code! Sassquad Trail Running is proud to offer 20% off all events to all active duty military and Veterans. Must provide proof of service. Please email before you register for an event so we can provide you with a discount code. NYNJ Trail Conference members can receive 10% off of registration; please email for the NYNJTC discount code!

Local time: 5:36 AM


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