May 11 - 17, 2020

VERTual Challenge

Vertical Challenge

This Event Took Place Sun. May 17, 2020


It's time for a NEW kind of challenge in May! The Steep Endurance VERTual Challenge is a great way to use all that fitness you've been gaining the last several weeks running all of that stress out from the current world we live in. It gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and against others in a virtual format by running more hilly terrain and seeing how high you can ascend! Most of Steep Endurance events have some elements of tough challenging climbs and we want you to get out and experience more of those hills or even mountains that might be near you or a short distance away. You can even do this on a treadmill if you like!

Here are the details. Signup with a partner or without one. Run as much vertical (VERT) as you can in one week (May 11-17)! You can do this on trails or roads, though trails might be more fun and invigorating. Try some more hilly runs, hill repeats, or some longer climbs within your daily run. Again as usual, make sure you comply with social distancing during your efforts.


Registration opens April 22 at 7:00 p.m. EST and will stay open until May 10. Sign up as an individual or a team of two!


Only your runs from May 11-17 will count towards the challenge.


Custom medal courtesy of Ragged Cuts.
Online discount coupons to Steep Endurance partners/sponsors.
Everyone who participates earns a 19% discount to ONE future Steep Endurance event in 2020 with the OPPORTUNITY to earn a greater discount for greater than 5,000', 10,000' and 19,000' of VERT! Please see website for more details.


Join the event Strava club at this link to see how you are doing:


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