July 6 - May 31, 2021

TOGETHERelay & Solo

Golden Gate Bridge

Bay Area Ridge Trail, CA

This Event Took Place Mon. May 31, 2021


10/1/20: Extended the event to May 31, 2021. Price Increase today for the Bay Area Ridge Trail from $129 to $169.
9/29/20: Congrats to 72 year Chuck Wilson. He just became the first person of TOGETHERelay & Solo to complete the 404.5 mile circumnavigation of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.
9/6/20: We officially started TOGETHERELAY this past Saturday,August 29th! Despite many of the trails still being inaccessible due to fire and smoke, we are going to keep things as is and ask everyone to use their best judgment on when they would like to start. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO COMPETE IN THE FASTEST ELAPSED TIME CATEGORY, WE RECOMMEND YOU HOLD OFF ON BEGINNING THE COURSE UNTIL THE SMOKE AND FIRES HAVE CLEARED SO YOU CAN GO THROUGH THE COURSE SMOOTHLY WITHOUT HITTING CLOSED TRAILS. We will do our best to keep you updated on each segments’ status so that you can plan your adventures accordingly.
8/9/20: We are announcing today that we will be in full promo mode for this event and be done with the soft opening by Friday, August 28. Recommendation to start your circumnavigation August 29th or later. You are now free to move about the Bay Area in either your family bubble or groups less than 10 in all 9 Bay Area Counties where this event is happening. All the cities are opening up restaurants and retail for your pleasure..
7/15/20: SOFT OPENING will commence 7/17/20. What does "SOFT OPENING" mean? This means that we do not recommend traveling outside of your county with Shelter In Place guidelines getting rolled back. Essentially, we do not want anyone to start the "Total Elapsed Time" (True Relay of BART Circumnavigation) from North Bay Segment 1 (NB1) in Marin County. If you do not care if you about competing in the above mentioned, then we recommend that if you start your solo or team journey with segments in your area. This still leaves you with "Total Segment Time" and Point Segment Competition. If you area confused, then please check out the website (www.togetherelay.us) and/or details below.

7/6/20: Target start date is Friday 7/17/20. Of course, with all that is today's government and regulation of COVID-19, we could possibly get SIP'd once again.
6/27/20: We have update the registration option to include 1-10 person teams. 3-5 person teams will compete against one another. And 6-10 person teams will compete against one another. If no 9 or 10-person teams sign up between now at July 5th, then we will cap the max at 8 person. Then 6-8 person will be the category.
6/23/20: As you can see, the county officials are all scrambling on what to do. We think the window to open the course will fall between July 6th and July 16th.
6/17/20: We are still awaiting for the Phase 3 bells to go off. For Example, it is not advisable for runners from Los Gatos to get in their car and drive to San Francisco to run in SF County or Marin County. We will do this right. Another key component is technology. We are working diligently with PWRLab and "Trail Running Company X" to create this unique adventure. We are pushing the start date out to the first week of July.
5/29/20 We will will not start this event until we know that we wont be sending outsiders into areas that are not in there area. As of May 29th, most of the state is in phase 2 under the federal government and state guidelines. We need to get to stage 3 to start this event. We anticipate the event to start mid-June and will roll-up or roll-back the start date if we need to. As we write this, we now know that San Francisco is planning on Phase three in July.


Live Leaderboard:


Pacific Coast Trail Runs presents:

The inaugural TOGETHERelay, is a Pacific Coast Trail Runs and PWRLab.com experience. We call it "open course trail racing": Relay or Solo, 400+ miles with 70 segments on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The new technology from PWRLab, gps tracking, and being on real trails, not virtual, with the Bay Area trail running and hiking communities will give this event the integrity and feel of a live event with out the finish line festival. This first of its kind event will benefit the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council (BARTC) and local businesses such as running specialty stores, restaurants, and pubs. This year marks our fourth year of partnering with BARTC to create the Bay Area Ridge Trail Series. With some of our series races having been postponed and not yet rescheduled, we thought this would be great replacement. The PWRLab.com experience is a proprietary data science analysis of your running data, a real-time personal dashboard and team leader board. Together, we have created a personal/team dashboard to go along with leader boards and up to date map tracking. You can run or hike all 70 segments and 400+ miles on a team or by yourself. Do all of them or simply do your best to complete as many as you can.

Team names that have been taken:
Sting, Luther Vandross, Madonna, Dame Kiri De Kanawa, Pat Benatar, Alison Moyet, Journeyd, Silvertone, New Order, The Cure, General Public, Hair Cut 100, Peter Schilling, Banjara, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, The Fixx, Wendy James, Prince, Billy Joel, The GO-GO's, Love & Rockets, Styx, Go west, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Taco, Kau, Sammy Hagar, Tom Waits, The Clash, Kate Bush, Opus, Wham!, Dwight Yoakam, Menuda, Sass Jordan, Ready for the World!, Opus

Support the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council: Click on this link to join or renew your membership:
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Become a member of the American Trail Running Association here:
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Race Information & Registration

How long will this event last? When Bay Area Counties reach Phase 3 Consensus --> 12/31/20 (at a minimum)

Start Date: Sometime in July (Bay Area Counties Need to be in PHASE 3 of COVID-19 CA STATE Re-opening Guidelines.

End Date:
This event will go on “until there is a vaccine for COVID-19”. At a minimum this event will pat through 12/31/20. So if a vaccine comes out in October, we will continue this until the end of 2020.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Data:
- 4 Sections (North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula/SF)
- 70 segments
- 400+ miles
- 72,000 Feet of Elevation Gain
- 56,000 Feet of Elevation Loss

Entry Fees: No race credits allowed for "Virtual" or "Open Course" events.
$129: Solo (1 - Person Team)
$229: Duo (2 - Person Team)
$329: 3 - Person Team
$419: 4 - Person Team
$509: 5 - Person Team
$599: 6 - Person Team
$699: 7 - Person Team
$799: 8 - Person Team
$899: 9 - Person Team
$999: 10 - Person Team
NOTE: Captains of teams will pay entire fee and be responsible to fill team with runners. We have created a TOGETHERelay group on Facebook for community building and more. If you are not a Facebook user, then we may be able to help you with filling spots on your team. RunPCTR@gmail.com.

Park Hours: Please obey local park rules that list sunup to sundown as park hours. For example, Marin Headlands (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) is open 24 Hours. Please stay tuned for an updated all-inclusive segment document with park hours and restrictions so you can plan your adventure.
Format: Open Course Trail Racing: Run or Hike the segments we provide and then submit your data for verification. Your complete segments at your convenience.
- Relay Race / 10-Person Team ( 6 to 10 People)
- Relay Race / 5-Person Team (3 to 5 People)
- Relay Race /Duo Team (2 People )
- Solo Race: One Person

Scoring: Scoring: there are 5 ways to win.
1. Total Elapsed time: this includes everything that happens from the first step to your last step, This includes driving, sleeping working, eating, etc. (All entrants must start at segment #1)
2. Total Segment Time: this only includes all your time from being on course running or hiking the segment. Different from Total Elapsed Time as this does not include your sleeping , eating, working time. It's the sum of each segment moving time.
3. Point scoring system for each segment time. 100 point top end, 99, 98, 97, etc.
4. Team Relay and Solo Podium (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in each relay each category for Men, Women, and Mixed Teams
5. Age Group Awards for all solo division within Total Elapsed Time and Total Segment Time only.

Awards & Swag

All participants will receive a finisher award for entering and completing their event.

All participants will have a choice to receive a cool light weight windbreaker style with hood or Victory SportDesign Cougar 2 bag (Blue) to bring on your runs just In case.

All participants will receive two branded face coverings. You choose two between mask, buff, and bandanna.

All participants will receive one ticket for prize drawings from our sponsors.

All participants will receive a free PWRLab.com account good through the entire event.

All participants that place in the in their solo or relay team divisions will win special awards.

All participants that place in their solo divisions will earn age group awards.


1. To compete in the Total Elapsed Time Category, you must run/hike each segment in order starting with #1.
2. Each segment will accessible via Togetherelay.us in partnership with the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the Outerspatial.com App.
3. You can run the event several ways... A) by paper map (no tech) B) by Outerspatial app C) downloading a .gpx file and loading to your watch.
3a. If you use a watch to record your run,then you need to make you start and stop your watch at the beginning and end of each segment. Be conservative and start your watch a little early and a little after your finish.
3b. Please make sure your watch does NOT have auto-stop enabled. This means if you stop to stop to go to the bathroom, then auto-stop feature will stop your watch. PWRLab will have that data and you may have to do the segment or receive time penalty (TBD).
4. The true relay (segment one to segment 70) concept is optional. Meaning you or your team can complete BART in sequential order from segment one or you can run each when in any order you wish (ex. 4 then 24, 25, 1, 70, then 61,62,63. If you or your want to be on the leader board the Total Elapsed Time category, then you must start at segment #1 on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. All the segments will be posted on the Togetherelay.us website in partnership with the Bay Area Ridge and the Outerspatial App.
5. Please respect others while on the trail with good behavior and honor the social and physical distancing recommendations.
5a. We have provide you with 2 face coverings. You are required to carry one with and "mask-up" when within 100 of another park goer. Mask-down when you are out of range.
6. Crews and Pacers are allowed.
7. Cheating if forbidden and you will be eliminated from the event shall you try to ride a bike or have someone else complete the segments for. PWRLab has artificial intelligence software that will shall any anomaly pop-up.
8. No littering. Pack in and pack out. Please do not contribute to cross contamination in the COVID-19.
9. Relay teams running the segments in non-sequential order can run them at the simultaneously.
10. You or your relay team can complete each segment whenever is convenient. Multiple segments can be completed in parallel at the same time.
10a, Segments do not need to be completed in order. Segments can be completed multiple times to achieve the best possible time. Your team’s time is the "Total Segment time” of each segment added together. Please remember that if you choose to do it this way you or your team will not be eligible for the "Total Elapsed Time" Competition.

11. Total Elapsed Time for Team Relay or Solo starts when you start your watch on Segment #1. Total Elapsed Time ends when you or your last segment is finished when you stop your watch.

Plan your Segments

As we near the starting of the event, it will be important to start planning your adventure, We are diligently working to get you all set to plan you day to day preparation and management of this event. Stay tuned for addresses and directions to the beginning of each segment.

If you are going to do this so, we recommend teaming up with some one else to help coordinate car drops and water stashes for those longer segments.

We will also be partnering with local and national trail and ultra running coaches to help you plan a safe and fun trip around the bay.

Scoring with PWRLab Data Science

PWRLab and PCTR are designing and created a personal dashboard and leaderboard to enhance your experience. After you register for the race, you will need to register with PWRLab.com so our data can communicate with your gps, or App.

PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS FOR PWRLab.com REGISTRATION that you use for Ultrasignup to register for this event. If the emails don't match then the data team cannot connect your registration to the dashboard and leaderboard.

Here is the link to your free account while you are entered into this event: https://app.pwrlab.com/signup

COROS and Apple Watch integration UPDATE: If they are not complete by July 6th, you can still use your watch and that data will at some time be able to get uploaded. We ask that those of you who have those watches, to kindly use the App from SUUNTO.

Steps to use SUUNTO APP:
1. Download the App.
2. Pair with PWRLab by tapping on Profile Icon. Then tap on "Connect to other services".
3. Scroll Down and Select PWRLab.
4. Use the same email you use for PWRLab as you did when registering for this event.
5. If you already downloaded the PWRLab app then it will connect when you tap.

Local time: 6:20 AM
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