May 18 - 31, 2020
This Event Took Place Sun. May 31, 2020

New Favorite!

Usually our races show off our favorite places, but its your turn with this one. You have two weeks to complete a 50K, getting in all the miles at once or spreading it out. But the best part is you get to show off your Favorite Places.

This virtual race is intended to give you something to work toward, get out the door, or maybe a way to achieve a race distance you were training for that was cancelled – some motivation when many of us are finding it hard to be inspired.

Which restaurant will be the first you go to when things open up? Where is your favorite spot in your city to take in a view on your run? How about your favorite place to go after a long run? As a virtual race, you get to choose where you run, but we want you to think about your favorite places and incorporate them into your route(s). This run is more about showing off these favorite spots that bring you happiness, than the miles, but you do have to get in the distance to be eligible for the prizes.

Yep, there are prizes. At each Favorite Place, take a photo and share it on Instagram with the hashtags #favoriteplacerace, #gobeyondracing, and tag the sponsor of that Favorite Place (see list on website).

Each Favorite Place you capture and tag on Instagram gives you a virtual raffle ticket. The more tickets you earn, the more chances you have to win. If you’re not on Instagram or just don’t want to share your Favorite Places there, you can still run the distance, you just won’t be eligible for the prize packages. You will earn the finisher award for running 50K, whether you participate in the Favorite Place part of the race or not.


You have between May 18 to May 31 to complete a 50K. That’s just 2.2 miles a day! You can spread it out over as many days in that two weeks as you want, or go for the whole thing all in one run.

Results Submission

See the race website for information on how to submit your results after each run.

There's also a Strava Club, just for fun, so you can get some extra motivation that way too.


Be sure to follow us on Instagram and get going hashtagging your Favorite Place(s).


Of course there are some. Most importantly, follow your local laws, restrictions and guidelines on social distancing and obey rules around trail/road/public space closures. If you can’t get to one of your Favorite Places because of a closure get creative, show us your second favorite instead, or get as close as you can. The rest of the rules are on the website.

Local time: 3:42 PM


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