May 23 - October 10, 2020
This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 10, 2020

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About the Run Forest Run Virtual 717

You are about to embark on the "Journey of a Lifetime." You will follow in the footsteps of one of America's most loved folk heroes and a true running legend, Forest Gump. Over the course of your virtual run, you will learn who this National Icon really was. For example, his real name, "Forest Stevenson Gump" not Forrest. AND NO, the real Forest Gump never ran across the US 5 times, or even once. He did run a 717 mile route between Greenboville, Alabama and Bayou La Batre over 50 times between 1972 and 2001. This is the exact route you will run.

All Registered Finishers will receive a race shirt and finisher award.
You have 140.7 days to complete your 717 mile journey. That is 5.09 miles per day.
All runs or walks you do starting May 23, 2020 at 7:00 AM will count toward your total miles.
The race ends at 12 Midnight on October 10th, 2020.
We will give place awards to the top three male and female runners.

The Timeline

Registration is Now Open
May 23, 2020 at 7:00 AM - The race starts. You may run, hike or walk for 140.7 Days
October 10th 12 Midnight - The Run Forest Run Virtual 717 ends.

The Rules

1) You must Run or Walk or Hike to record distance.
2) You may run or walk on a Treadmill, but not ellipticals or stationary bikes.
3) Your run or walk should be just that. Don’t record miles walking around your office, mowing the yard or doing housework.
4) Try to record your distance on the website every time you run or walk. Don’t try to add bunch at once.
5) Any run or any walk counts. This includes all running in other races. (Virtual Races or Real Races)
6) Riding a car or bike is not allowed (Did I really need to add that!)
7) You MUST post photos and run updates on our Run Forest Run Facebook page. We want to see who you are.
8) If you virtually swim across the mouth of Mobile Bay instead of taking the ferry, we want proof! Photos and videos of the 3.5 mile, nonstop swim. If you try to swim across the “real” mouth of Mobile Bay, if you survive, you will be disqualified!!
9) We reserve the right to ask for run verification. If someone posts 4 back to back 100 miles run in 4 days, I want Proof!!

Your Race Route

Your journey begins in the tiny community of Greenboville, Alabama at the Gump home located on the Tennessee River. Greenboville is near Bridgeport in the far northeast corner of Alabama. After Forest's moved to Bayou La Batre in 1971, he frequently returned to the family home on the river to see his mom. He did drove on occasion, and even flew when he was in a hurry. (Of course, a company the size of Consolidated owned a Jet Ranger and a Citation 3. and a private airstrip.) But, more often than not, he ran. Whether he ran or drove, he always took exactly the same route. He always stopped at the same hotels or inns. He always ate at the same restaurants. Always. The only variation he ever made were those side trip.

A few of his regular stops were the Magnolia Springs B&B or Grand Hotel in Point Clear, depending on what time he left the office. He would often stop at the Wind Creel Resort and Casino in Atmore. There is no evidence he ever gambled but there are stories from back in the 80's of some unknown guy in running cloths, "cleaning out the bank" on several occasions. Of course, he played football at Alabama and Auburn so he always stopped for a night or two in both towns.

No matter which way he was going, Bayou La Batre to Greenboville or Greenboville to Bayou La Batre, once he hit the "home stretch" he never stopped. He would run the last 200 to 250 miles and never slow down. Forest was impulsive, and patience was never one of his attributes. If he reached the end of Alabama at the Fort Morgan Point at the Mouth of Mobile Bay and the ferry was out, he just swam across the 3.5 mile strait to Dauphin Island. This swim, ultimately proved to be his "undoing!"

Local time: 10:11 PM


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