June 1 - August 31, 2020
This Event Took Place Mon. Aug 31, 2020

Ever Want to Run the Pacific Crest Trail?

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a storied trail that starts at the US/Mexico border and heads north through California, Oregon, and Washington states, ending at the US/Canada border, 2,652 miles later. Well known as an iconic through-hike destination, it is also an incredible trail for running. Here's your chance, to run the PCT, virtually.

There are four distance categories:
ENTIRE: 2,652 miles (averages 28.8 miles/day)
CALIFORNIA: 1,692 miles (18.4 miles/day)
OREGON: 455 miles (4.9 miles/day)
WASHINGTON: 506 (5.5 miles/day

NOTE: BE SURE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT OR SIGN IN TO YOUR EXISTING ACCOUNT BEFORE SIGNING UP. If you register as a guest, you will not be able to to record your run results.

Race Dates

Running can occur anytime between June 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020. You have three months to cover your distance. Break it up however you like.

Solo or Team

You can choose to run a distance solo, completing the miles on your own. Might be kind of hard for the Entire and California categories though (you can take that as a challenge if you are that kind of person).

Or, you can form a team of up to eight runners. Everyone on the team's mileage counts toward the category distance. This is a great way to tackle the Entire PCT or even California. You can form a team for any of the categories and make it more fun for you and your friends.


There are four beneficiaries; the Pacific Crest Trail Association, and a food bank in each state the PCT travels through; Washington, Oregon, and California.

Race Website

Learn more about this event on the race website. Go Beyond Racing

Local time: 12:52 PM


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