June 1 - July 31, 2020
This Event Took Place Fri. Jul 31, 2020

Tour Description

The Tour de Salisbury is a running tour of 12 different running routes with 12 different distances that we have created for you and your friends to run (or walk) throughout June and July!

This is a chance for you and your friends to run, compete and explore during the summer.

So how does this work? All Tour de Salisbury legs will be connected to a Strava segment and links to the legs will be posted here under the section "Tour Legs". To participate in the event you do not need Strava, however to compete for a podium spot (top 3) for a leg or for the entire event you WILL need to use Strava. We will be checking and verifying Strava for the top five men and women for each leg throughout the event. Those not competing for a podium spot can use a different GPS enabled running app. Once a leg has been run, runners will enter the time it took you to run the leg and a screenshot of the run. The screenshot will have to include the GPS map, running time, actual time and the date. Runners are free to rerun a route for a better time within the two month period. So you run the actual routes on your own (or with a friend) and you compete with others participating. LEGS MUST BE ENTERED Within 24 hours of their completion for competitive reason. Runs should not be held for days, weeks or months in someone’s Strava back pocket. Runs can be completed on any day at any time within June or July. Legs can also be run in any order that a runner desires and as many time as a runner desires. Awards will be given to the top three men and women based on the overall time of the combined 12 legs of the event. Individual leg winners will also be recognized.

All participants will receive an event shirt and, if the runner completes the tour, a finishers’ award.
Registration will begin on Saturday March 20th at 7pm. We will share the locations of the missing five legs as we get closer to the event. The event starts at midnight on Tuesday June 1st and ends at 11:59pm on Saturday July 31st. All runs must be entered by July 31st at 11:59pm.

Who is ready to complete and compete.... who is ready for The Tour de Salisbury?

Tour de Salisbury Legs

When you enter your runs under NOTES..... Enter the leg number.... 1 or 2 or 3 etc
Not entering the leg number will void the run.

Leg 1

Leg 1: Pemberton Park (3.9 miles)
Start route by crossing the field towards the tree line and follow the course clockwise.

Start/Stop at the wood fence in the corner of the parking area, next to the bathroom.

Pemberton Map

Pemberton Pin Drop

Leg 2

Leg 2: Naylor Mill (3.5)
Enter at the Naylor Mill Forest Trails sign, loop runs clockwise.

Start/Stop is in front of the bench on your left upon entry to the trail.

Naylor Mill Map

Naylor Mill Pindrop

Leg 3

Leg 3: Bennett Mile (1.0 mile)
This leg is to be completed on the track at Bennett Middle School.

Start/Stop is anywhere on the Bennett Middle School track. Just be sure your complete exactly a mile. .97 doesn’t cut it.

Bennett Mile Map

Bennett Mile Pin Drop

Leg 4

Leg 4: Crisfield (9.0 miles)
A fast out and back… This leg begins in Crisfield, takes you to Marion on the rails to trails and then returns you back to Crisfield. Start at Mile 0.0 run to Marion where you will see mile marker 4.5, turn around after passing the 4.5 sign and return back to mile marker 0.0.

Crisfield Out and Back Map

Crisfield Out and Back Pin Drop

Leg 5

Leg 5: Trap Pond Loop (4.5 miles)
Start/stop is on the Bob Trail (Red) next to the Trap Pond Boat Launch entrance. The loop follows the Bob trail COUNTERCLOCKWISE all the way around Trap Pond and is well marked.

*Please note that depending on where you choose to park, you may be subject to State Park Fees. As always, we encourage support of our local parks!

Trap Pond Map

Trap Pond Pin Drop

*** Alternative Segment ***

Leg 6

Leg 6: Blackwater Loop (6.6 miles)
Start/Finish at the sign by the visitor center. Run to Key Wallace Dr, turn right to head East, then turn right again to enter the refuge. following the course though the beautiful scenic park and continue back into the visitors center parking lot and finish where you started by the sign. Please note that entrance to this wildlife refuge for pedestrians costs $1. This fee is paid at the entrance of the wildlife loop (around mild 1.5). Prepare to pay before or as you run by. As always, we encourage support of our local parks and wild life refuges.

Blackwater Loop Map

Blackwater Pin Drop

Leg 7

Leg 7: Ocean City Boardwalk (4.4 miles)
Starting from the South end of the Boardwalk, run to the far North end (27th St) and back to the South end. Closest parking is either the Inlet of Division St next near the Dough Roller.

Start/Stop is at the encased Shark in front of the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum.

Boardwalk Map

Boardwalk Pin Drop

Leg 8

Leg 8: Pateywoods (12.3 miles)
Start/finish is at The Newark Neighborhood Park. Park at the park and prepare to run left onto Newark Road. The actual leg begins once you enter onto Newark Road. You will run CLOCKWISE. Follow Newark Road until Queponco. Take a right onto Queponco. Run until you see a fork in the road. Take a left at the fork onto Whiton Crossing Road. Continue on Whiton until you cross over The Pocomoke River and then TURN AROUND. Continue on Whiton until the fork again. This time take a left onto Ninepin Branch Road. Follow Ninepin until it intersects with Pateywoods Road. Take a RIGHT onto Pateywoods Roads. Follow Pateywoods all the way back to Newark Road. Take a right onto Newark Road and run until you arrive back at the park.

Pateywoods Map

Pateywoods Pin Drop

Leg 9

Leg 9: The Salisburian (7 miles)

This leg will show you all over Salisbury, but there are a lot of twists and turns. It is probably best to share the turn by turn instructions for this leg. Enjoy the ride. Check this out:

Start Union Ave. & Emerson Ave.
• Run west on Union Ave. (away from Rt. 13) • Veer left on Monitor Ct.
• Left onto West London Ave.
• Right onto Boston Ave.
• Left onto Hickory Ln.
• Right onto North Division St.
• Right onto New York Ave.
• Follow to end and take sharp left.
The Salisburian
1 • Follow street onto Lakeside Dr.
• Left onto Ferndale Rd.
• Right onto West Philadelphia Ave.
• Right onto North Division St.
• Right onto Oakdale Rd.
• Follow Oakdale Rd. around until it ends at Isabella St.
• Cross Isabella St. onto Park Ave.
• Follow Park Ave. to “T” at West Chestnut St. & take a right. • Left onto Mill St.
2 • Left onto Lemmon Hill Ln.
• Left onto Rt 50 - Ocean Gateway (use sidewalk)
• Go past the church, take a quick left then quick right onto Broad St. (BLM Blvd.)
• Right onto Rt. 13 North Salisbury Blvd. (Use crosswalks and sidewalks)
• Continue past Calvert St., E. Main St., E. Market St., & the Riverwalk north bank entrance. • Take a right at the Riverwalk Ampitheatre sign onto the south bank Riverwalk entrance. • Follow the south bank of the Riverwalk to the footbridge.
• Cross the footbridge and at the end take a left onto the north bank of the Riverwalk.
• Follow the north bank Riverwalk to Market St.
3 • Left onto Market St.
• Follow Market St. past Market Street Inn, cross Circle Ave. and continue onto the Riverwalk. • Go past the Edible Garden on the Riverwalk to Mill St.
• Right onto Mill St.
• Right onto West Main St. (The Bullevard)
• Left onto Baptist St.
• Right onto Church St.
• Left onto Rt. 13 - North Salisbury Blvd.
• Left onto Broad St. (BLM Blvd.) and quick right onto Ellen St.
4 • Quick left into Chipman Boundless Playground. Follow Playground paved path to Poplar Hill Ave. • Right onto Poplar Hill Ave.
• Left onto Elizabeth St.
• Right onto North Division St. and follow to end.
• At end of North Division follow the sidewalk onto Rt. 13 - North Salisbury Blvd., past the gas station.
5 • Left onto Bridgeview St.
• Right onto Westchester St. Follow Westchester St. to end where it comes into Talbot St. • Soft Left onto Talbot St.
• Right onto Emerson Ave.
• Left onto Deers Head Hospital Rd. and follow to the paved nature path (on your left)
6 • Veer left onto the paved nature and follow the path past the“V” point patio area.
• Veer right onto the next path that will direct you toward the front of the main building
• Once you exit the nature path, go past the main Hospital building back to Deers Head Hospital Rd. • Follow Deers Head Hospital Rd. back to Emerson Ave.
• Right onto Emerson Ave.
7 Finish Union Ave. & Emerson Ave.

The Salisburian

The Salisburian Pin Drop

Leg 10

Leg 10: Salisbury University (6.2 miles)
Start/Finish location is on the corner of Milford St and Wayne St right at the yellow fire hydrant.
Run down Wayne St turn left on Bateman St and take the SU walk tunnel. Exit the tunnel and turn right and head north up S Salisbury Blvd. Follow the course and you will take the tunnel back the way you started.

*this course can have busy traffic depending on the time of day please use caution and use sidewalks wherever possible*

Salisbury University 10k Map

Salisbury University 10k Pin Drop

Leg 11

Leg 11: Chincoteague (10.5 miles)
Start/Finish at The Island Nature Trail on Chincoteague. You begin in the parking lot of the Nature Trail. To start, run the Nature Trail clockwise and then take a left onto Hallie Whoalton Smith Drive. Follow Hallie to Main Street and take a Left. Continue on Main until it intersects with Maddox Blvd. Take a left on Maddox and follow Maddox across the entire island of Chincoteague, keeping on the left side of the road and through the roundabouts. Maddox turns into Beach as it crosses over to Assateague island. Follow the road until you see a paved trail branch off on your left. That trail will slightly touch the WildLife Loop parking lot, just be sure to veer to your left. The trail will take you to the wildlife loop, which is a paved loop that can accommodate bikes and cars as well as runners. Take a LEFT onto the loop. Follow the loop CLOCKWISE until you reach the car entrance back to the Wildlife Loop parking lot (not the same paved trail, but the car entrance). Run through the parking lot and follow the trail to your left that runs parallel to Beach road. Cross Beach Road to enter the Lighthouse trail. Run the Lighthouse trail CLOCKWISE (There are two entrances, take the trail to the left and follow it clockwise). After the Lighthouse trail take a left onto Beach Road. Run the road back off of Assateague. Continue on Beach Road/Maddox until it intersects with Chicken City. Cross Chicken City Road and then turn right crossing over Maddox following Chicken City Road. Follow Chicken until Deep Hole Road. Take a right on Deep Hole Road and then a left unto Hallie Whoalton Smith Drive. Follow Hallie back to The Island Nature Trail parking lot. Celebrate by stopping at Island Creamery for a treat.

Chincoteague Map

Chincoteague Pin Drop

Leg 12

Leg 12: Assateague (7 Miles)

Leg 12 is HERE!!! Vamos a la playa! Whoa. Wait. What? That’s right. Get your sand legs ready. What would a Delmarva run be without a little run in the beach. Start/Finish at the flag pole at The Assateague Visitor center. Take the sidewalk to 611 and take a right toward the Verrazano Bridge. Run all the way to the beach (1.25 miles). Cross over the dune and then run north (left) toward Ocean City along the beach. Run on the beach for an additional 1.5 miles (2.75 on your GPS) and then turn around. Run back to where you started in the beach (the will be a Youth Camping sign where you start and finish the beach section). Run back across The Verrazano Bridge and PAST The Assateague Visitor center. On you left hand side you will see The National Parks Service. Turn left and run straight back and you will see a trail. Enter the trail and follow it until you see the Rackliffe Loop sign where you will turn RIGHT. Follow the trail to the Rackliffe House and run around the shed and to the trail in your left. Follow the trail (not the gravel road when it splits) until it returns to the visitor center. Run left around the visitor center back to the flag pole. :)

Assateague Map

Assateague Pin Drop

Local time: 4:33 PM


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