May 25 - September 7, 2020

Run the Jersey Shore Challenge

141 Mile Challenge

This Event Took Place Mon. Sep 7, 2020

Run the Jersey Shore

Spend your summer without big races training for the day you get to run them again.

This challenge has you running 141 miles, the unofficial full length of the New Jersey Shore. You have from Memorial Day through Labor Day to get this done. Complete this progressively all summer, or in one day, we don't really care

Either way, you get some cool swag and you get to say you ran the entire shoreline. Wherever you are, just imagine you're running on the beaches, boardwalk, or whatever else reminds you of the Jersey Shore. 

To update your results, hit Record Results and add your progress.


All participants will receive a tech shirt (artwork coming soon) and a bag of saltwater taffy. Nothing says Jersey Shore quite like some taffy.

Since registration runs into the summer, we are planning to send swag sometime in August or possibly early September. Shipping and procurement of all your stuff could get delayed for COVID reasons. We'll send emails out when things are shipping out to runners.

Recording Results

Hit the Record Results button to check your progress and to log your runs. You have an option to include a link to GPS results or a photo of your watch but that's not mandatory.

Event's current local time: 1:51 AM ET


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