July 1 - December 25, 2021
This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 25, 2021


Short-sleeve, gender-specific, super soft TRI BLEND event shirt, with logo on the front, and quote on the back. We will also have more swag options if you dont want a super soft shirt.

Real Bib that you get to Customize the first 3 weeks after that will be an amazing bib for you to run with.

Map of the state of Texas with the I-10 route and an amazing sticker. The route will include the mile sponsors and the log on the back.

Customized event award from Elevation Culture the BEST handmade medal maker in the USA
Free shipping for swag/bib/map + medal when you finish.

Special discounts with our sponsors and partners.Random giveaways will be given at the 100 mile marks from our amazing partners as well.

We are DONATING $6 from each registration to the which Micheal Miller will use to benefit the Tarahumara in the Copper Canyons.

SOLO = $62
All relay teams pay per runner not as a team


If you are signed up for other races or virtual events that are being held concurrent with the Trans Texas Virtual Run, (either a one-day or multi-day event) this can be applied. So you can run the Trans Texas Virtual and our monthly race or IRL race as well.

All miles must be completed between July 1 and Dec 31st. Workouts prior to July 1st will not be accepted.

The only miles accepted are those done on your feet. Walking, jogging, sprinting or plogging all are accepted.

Miles may be run outside, inside on the treadmill, on street/paved routes, or on the trails. All recorded running/walking miles count.

All miles in the solo category must be completed by you, and you alone. You can be on a team and run solo though. You will log each bib with the total miles in the day.

Miles in the relay category can be split up any way you want and the miles are cumulative to the moving the team along.

Relay team members can be anywhere in the world and be on the same team. And yes you can be on multiple teams as long as you register for them.

Miles must be recorded using GPS devise of tracking. Pictures from a treadmill loaded or watch can also be used. Remember this is for fun and its a run not a race.


As always with anything trail racing over texas puts on we want someone to get something from what we do as humans.

Right now has been a terrible time leading up to COVID with the drought in the canyons and now covid-19.

We are partnering with the non-profit True Messages to help the Tarahumara in the Copper Canyons as they struggle with the Novel Coronavirus. We will be donating $6 from each registration. We will post updates on the Trans-Texas webpage and also in each of the Monday emails the total funds raised to date. This money will help provide food and other essential items to the Tarahumara folks in the canyons.

Event's current local time: 1:37 PM CT


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