Saturday, Jun 6, 2020 @ 6:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 6, 2020

The Ultimate Stage Race Marathon

The Ultimate Stage Race - Marathon is a virtual stage race where runners and walkers compete for five consecutive days, running 5.25 miles each day, to finish the event with a total distance of 26.25 miles.

Every day there will be daily standings and rankings. To finish the race however you have to run/walk 5.25 miles for five consecutive days from June 6-10, 2020. You will then be in the official standings for the race and will receive a finisher's medal in the mail.

It's a virtual race which means you will be competing from wherever you are in the world. This will allow you to compete against friends, family, yourself, and even rivals from all over the globe.

  • June 6 - 5.25 miles

  • June 7 - 5.25 miles

  • June 8 - 5.25 miles

  • June 9 - 5.25 miles

  • June 10 - 5.25 miles

  • Total Distance - 26.25 miles (marathon)

Overall results will be determined by adding up your 'elapsed time' from all five stages.

This race is beautifully set up to be a fun challenge to runners and walkers of all levels.

On one end we will have many that have to work hard to run or walk 5.25 miles at once. It must be at one time and not pieced together throughout the day. And on the other end we will have some very fast, competitive women and men running every daily stage as fast as they can to see where they will rank among their peers.

Entrants have until 10pm each day to submit their GPS/Garmin/Strava results to us (treadmill results will not be accepted). That's right we require proof that the miles were completed and do our best to check and verify those results. And it's 'elapsed time' not 'moving time.'

It's a great challenge for many new runners and walkers to the sport that might not be ready for a traditional marathon. A challenge where you can push your limits for five consecutive days to complete 5.25 miles and have to get up and do that for five consecutive days.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us.

Local time: 7:35 AM


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