Saturday, Jun 27, 2020 @ 5:30 AM

To Bone and Back Relay

Coronado St

Idaho Falls, ID 40 Miler, 40 Mile - 2 Person Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 27, 2020

Course Description

The course for the Bone and Back Relay is an Out and Back route that is ALL ON PAVEMENT, which can be found upon by a lot of ultra marathon runners.

Aid Stations
Every 5 miles there is an aid station that is stocked with water, pops, chips, pickles, candy, etc... for the ultra runners. Every 2.5 miles in between the main 5 mile stations there is also a table with water.

At every 5 mile aid station there are 2-4 portable bathrooms that are available for all participants.

Road Closures
There are NO roads closed for this event, so we ask that each runner/athlete obey the rules of the road (i.e. run on the left side of the road).

Registering for other distances

If you are interested in running the 2019 Bone and Back Relay but do not want to run the whole 40 miles and/or the 2-person team you can register for the 4-person or 8-person options at

Local time: 1:06 AM


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