Saturday, Sep 5, 2020

Jackson Hole Ultra

1455 Beckley Park Avenue, Wilson, WY

Jackson, WY 50K, Marathon, 30K, 1/2 Marathon 2 Person Relay, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 5, 2020


We are excited to offer 4 event options to choose from! On the Ultra side, we are offering our a 50k and on the traditional side, a Marathon, a 30k, and a Half Marathon. We will be featuring the finest that Jackson Hole has to offer with a flat fast course that will be run entirely on the Jackson Hole pathway system. This course allows for 6-foot wide distance between you and passing runners to ensure adherence to COVID19 restrictions. This will enable us to have this race this summer when many other events have been canceled.

The 50K Course

Our premier event, the 50K course will include two sections. The first 13.1 miles will feature an out and back from Stilson Ranch Parking Lot in Wilson out to Teton Village. This first section is on the tree-lined pathway and has a very slight uphill the first half. The last 1.5 miles will offer views of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the Grand Tetons. Off to your right, you will see the beautiful green pasture which is frequently visited by elk, coyote, and eagles in addition to the friendly cows who will cheer you on. Sleeping Indian in the distance will become brighter and brighter as the day continues. After your turn around, you will head back to Stilson Ranch, and enjoy an ever-so-slight downhill, which will make the second 6.55 miles feel easy underfoot.

Once back at Stilson, you will embark on your next journey, an 18-mile round trip. The first mile of this part of the course features a winding pathway through the treelined "R Park" and emerges on the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Snake River Bridge. Look to your right, or south, to see the green hills of Fall Creek Road and Munger Mountain in the distance, and left to the North for more amazing views of the Tetons. Eagles, osprey, hawks, and other birdlife are regularly viewed here. Sometimes you get lucky and see a Moose in R Park or off the bridge. Don't worry, if you miss a wildlife encounter or want to linger and enjoy the view, you will have a second chance with afternoon light on your return.

Your next miles will travel on the pathway system up towards the town of Jackson. You will continue to have wide-open views to your right and left of horse pasture and wetlands. As you run, you will experience a slight uphill which will be appreciated when you run down coming back. After you cross under the highway, you will experience your first small but noticeable uphill. It is still early in the race so it should feel easy and after you crest the 1/4 mile uphill, you will be met with a nice 1/2 mile downhill. This is easy and will not pound your legs. Rather, it will be enough to just shake things up after running flats for the previous 18 miles. From here you will turn right, away from the highway and towards South Park Loop Road and more flat fast running. As you run south, the pathway system will greet you on the right with the hills of the 3 Creek Golf Course and straight ahead towards Munger Mountain.

You will enjoy those amazing Teton views either directly in front of you while on South Park Loop road pathway, or off to the right when you head back towards Stilson Ranch. You will enjoy another crossing of the Snake River Pedestrian Bridge, through R park to the finish area making that last mile the best you will experience that day.

The 30K Course, the Choose your own adventure Marathon and the 1/2 Marathon are described in detail on our website,, and are all portions of the above 50K.


We are here for you during this difficult time and we are doing a unique thing that we hope you will enjoy. All racers, regardless of distance, will be able to pack their own special needs bags and drop them at the race start between 6 and 6:15 AM. Bins will be available for miles 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 31. You will need to use your own canvas or plastic bag labeled with your name. Feel free to include your own snacks, drinks, powders, etc. You can feel confident in the safety of your aid. Water will still be available so you do not need to pack that as well.


See the website for the course map information. In addition, please reach out via email and we will send you a map to review.


Q: What are the chances your race will be held during COVID19?
A: Luckily, this race is designed to support appropriate social distancing requirements for packet pick-up, racing, and post-race. Although we cannot guarantee, we feel confident the race will happen as planned.

Q: How do I edit or Cancel my Registration?
A: Log into Ultrasignup > Click on Account Info > Click on Registration History > Click Edit next to the race. From there you can change distance or cancel the registration.

Q: Can I refund or defer my entry.
A: No, we are unable to provide refunds or deferrals. However, if we have to cancel the race, we will provide you options.

**Note - Drops must occur at least 5 days before race day or it is recorded as a DNS**


Aid Stations will be available approximately every 3 miles. Water and a carbohydrate drink, will be available at aid stations 3, 6, 9 and 12. Starting at aid station 15, gels and other items will be available to racers. Details on specific aid available will be provided 1 week before race day.

50K participants are invited to add personal items in a drop bag which will be available at miles 13, and 22. Personal drop bags for the 50K must be labeled with racers name and will be brought to the respective locations.

Aid stations may be unmanned. You will be welcome to take what you need and deposit trash in appropriate recepticles.


1. Wellness Covid-19 Waiver: All participants will agree in advance not to attend the event if they test positive for COVID-19, exhibit symptoms, or feel sick within 14 days prior to the event. You will sign a waiver agreeing to the COVID-19 agreement on race morning when you pick up your packet.
2. Face Masks: Face covering and/or mask will be required by all participants, staff, volunteers, and spectators on site. Participants may take off their face covering while participating in the event on course as long as they can maintain proper social distance from others (we will follow CDC guidelines, a minimum of 6 feet). Participants will be asked to keep face covering up until the start.
2. Sanitation: Prepackaged food will be provided at aid stations and participants are asked to only touch what they will use and need. Hand sanitizer will be available for runners at the start and finish line.
3. Social Distancing: All attendees must practice social distancing on-site, maintaining a 6-foot space between all others on site. If that becomes not possible while obtaining something from a volunteer, both people must be wearing face coverings. Each race has limited participants allowed. This will be a small race to ensure that those who have committed to participate in the race can be confident in their health and safety.
4. Bib & Race Packet Pick up: Bib and timing chip pick up will be race day morning at the Stilson Ranch Parking Lot starting area. This will be a “drive-through” style pickup and, yes, you can walk in if you are not coming in a car. Please pick up your race bib and timing chip at least 15 minutes before your race.
6. Race Morning Transportation will not be provided. Ample free parking is available at Stilson Ranch.
7. Start Line: We do not anticipate requiring waves for the start. If we do need to schedule a wave, we will organize you prior to the race. You will be chip timed so you can feel confident that your race time will correspond to the time you begin your race.
8. Aid stations: Aid stations will be spaced approximately every 3 miles for all race distances. Energy gels will be provided starting at mile 12 aid station and every other aid station after that.

Any additional COVID-19 protocols will be emailed prior to race day. We look forward to seeing you.

Local time: 10:42 AM


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