August 8 - 16, 2020
This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 16, 2020

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The Year End LIVE show will be Saturday December 5th, 2020 5:30pm PST. Live music will begin at 5:15pm and will be followed by a 2 hour show with an "After Party".

The RECORDED show will be available to ticket holders to watch or re-watch until Sunday Dec 13th.

Film Lineup

World Premiere! Game of Hundos (2020) 20 min Directed by Shai Ben-Dor
Michael Ortiz is doing a 100-mile run every weekend for 100 consecutive weeks. Through setbacks, race disqualifications, and a global pandemic he has gotten his miles in every week. All to honor his late brother’s life philosophy.

World Premiere! You Have More to Give, Doug (2020) 25 min Directed by Nick Danielson
Doug McKeever, a northwest ultra running legend. In 1993 Doug co-founded the Chuckanut 50k, which grew to become a "must run" race for ultrarunners in the NW and of one the premiere 50ks in the country. Doug's resume includes his first 100 miler was in 1988 at Leadville, top 20 placings at Hardrock and Wastach, and a sub 24hr at Western States. After a 10 year hiatus from racing in 2017 he made a comeback and realized he had "more to give".

Brand New! Coree Woltering | Dispatches (2020) 10 min
Meet Coree Woltering. A Black, gay, ultra runner from the Midwest embarking on an endeavour to set the fastest known time record on the 1200 mile Ice Age National Scenic Trail amidst a pandemic and a bolstering civil rights movement.
Brand New! Goofballin' (2020) 1 min Directed by Ben/Cheeky Weka Productions
A goofy short film from New Zealand.

World Premiere! Down the Kuskokwim (2020) 23 min Directed by David Mable/Summit Media
Follow runners and fat bikers as they take on the sub-zero temperatures, frozen rivers and the Alaska Range on their way along the Iditarod Trail for more than 300 miles from Anchorage to McGrath in 2019. Created by Director David Mable, who also directed and edited the award winning film 1000 Miles to Nome, Down the Kuskokwim takes viewers along the very trail used by the famous dogsled race each winter.

Brand New! Finding Her Stride (2020) 20 min Directed by Nicole Amyx
Mexican-American filmmaker, Nicole Amyx grew up watching her mom run Ultra-Marathons (races longer than a marathon-26.2 miles). Now as a young woman, Nicole is trying to find out why so many women are becoming ultra-runners. Is it a feminist thing, or are long distance runners just plain crazy, what is it really about? Nicole embarks on a trail marathon herself to try and catch a glimpse of the ultra-running world and to try and figure out if maybe this is the answer to the inner anxiety that she has lived with most of her life. WATCH PREVIEW

Samantha Chan | Women Who Fly (2019) 4 min Directed by Robin Lee
Brought up in a cramped housing estate in Hong Kong, China, Samantha sought out a feeling of freedom. She found this in running and hasn't stopped since and continues to fight the expectations of women in her culture.

World Premiere! Bodega (2020) 5 mins Directed by Ben Clark
Manny "Bodega" Rodriguez discovered running on the road in Queens, NY and the vivid community he shares has led him to the trail. What possibilities influence the path to freedom and belonging on the trail are revealed with a candor and revelation not seen before in outdoor cinema.

World Premiere! Mountain Missteps | Ep. 1 Broken Ankle (2020) 10 mins Directed by Joel Balezza/The Wild Ones
What happened? What, if anything, could've been done differently? How can we prepare for when things go wrong when we're out on a run? Mountain Missteps is new series of short films that will attempt to make us all safer when we venture out into the wild. Hosted by star ultrarunner Rickey Gates and with expert insights from Backcountry Medical Guides, Episode One will feature Kirstin Scott Woody and her brother Gavin Woody on a run up a remote mountain in the heart of the Cascade Mountains where Kristin has to be rescued by helicopter when disaster strikes on a steep snowfield.

One Last Virtual Show for the Year!

For years the Trail Running Film Festival has brought our sport’s most relevant trail stories and visual artistry to theaters across the country. We’re adapting and responding to “distant socializing” to bring you a ~2-hour live stream of great films, commentary, inspiration, and prize giveaways. This is our hometown, feel-good, theater experience, streamed into the comfort of your own living room.

Our summer monthly live-stream shows were such a big hit that we've decided to do one more show this fall, especially since travelling the country to do in-theater shows just isn't a good idea right now.

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