Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 @ 7:45 AM

SISU 24 Ultra PNW

65301 WA-410

Enumclaw, WA 100 Miler, 24hrs, 24 Hours - Team

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 26, 2021

About the Race

SISU ENDURANCE presents one of the most unique events on the planet. You have 24-Hour to explore and run any distance you like, with the opportunity to achieve one of the toughest 100-Mile races anywhere! We start at a private Boy Scout Camp (Camp Sheppard) located in the spectacular Cascade Mountains, just minutes from Mount Rainier National Park and Crystal Mountain ski area. Cliffs tower overhead, pristine falls can be found nearby, and giant elk freely roam the meadows.

You are encouraged to come Friday and set up your base camp. Bring the entire family, crew, or friends – all extra support are free and encouraged! Kids love camping for the weekend at the Boy Scout Camp! Saturday morning the race starts. Everyone races together, the 100-Mile runners go out with 24-Hour Individual and 24-Hour Team runners. The race ends Sunday, 24-Hours after it begins for the team and individual runners. For the 100-Mile runners, there is a 32-Hour cutoff. If an individual or an individual of a team achieves 75 miles during the course of their 24-hour race, they may elect to carry on.

This race is self-supported. You have a base camp. We encourage everyone to be festive and creative with your camp. We will have movies as well as arts and crafts for the family! There are multiple loops all leaving from base camp. The longest distance is 18.5 miles, and the shortest is approximately 3.5 miles. Every time you head out you check-in at the head table which is at base camp. You choose which loops you want to do, and how many you desire! There are also challenges throughout the 24 hours if you desire such as midnight yoga, and community service.

At the end, points are earned by your route choices and any extra challenges you complete. There are also bonuses for those who complete a majority of all of the trail routes. You are never too far from base camp and your gear/fuel/food. There will be a food truck at camp as well as an espresso cart! The mood is festive with lights, movies, crafts, and onesies.

3 Registration Categories
24-Hour Solo – as many miles as you like
24-Hour Team – Teams of 3. You may run together or individually. Your team points will be totaled between all three athletes
100-Mile – 32-hour cutoff.

Note: This is a very tough 100 with approx. 25,000 feet of elevation gain.


Trails and Camp

We are trail runners and love this community. SISU is very proud to offer this race at an extremely cost-effective price point. Included in your registration is 3 days (2 nights) of camping! You set up your camp as you like, and there are restrooms with showers centrally located. You are highly encouraged to bring the entire family and friends. If you would like a pacer they are allowed at all times, completely up to you. They just cannot assist with your race other than moral support. We want you to be able to race and share with those important to you and a great weekend! All family/friends/crew are at no additional cost to you!

This event will take place at beautiful Camp Sheppard and the nearby trails. There are BBQ stands, flushing toilets, showers, and working sinks. We recommend you bring ready-to-eat meals and snacks.

There will be food trucks at the event as well and you are not far from the city if someone would like to drive down and get supplies!

6 Trails – each assigned points based off difficulty and distance. A sample of some of the distances and elevations we've had: 3 Miles with 800 Feet of Gain, 9 Miles with 1200 Feet of Gain, 18 Miles with 4800 Feet of Gain.

Side Quests– Earn points for various challenges such as midnight yoga, memorization, and other fun tasks!

Past Side Quests have included: connect-the-dots, carry an egg and not break it, sudoku, trivia, knot tying, and we are always changing it up!



Custom Wood Round Medal – All participants receive.
You may engrave it with your name. Must sign up EARLY!

Top 3 Male
Top 3 Female
Top 3 Teams 
Custom Buckle – 100 Mile Finisher
SISU Spirit Award – Best Camp Site
SISU Miles – Most Miles Earned in the 24-Hour Period


We are working on revamping our swag this year. Stay tuned!

Required Gear

Required Gear:
Hydration Pack or bottles
Food for 24 Hours
Ink Pad

Recommended Gear:
Sleeping Bag
Bug Spray
Toilet Paper
Heavy Jacket
Cookware (no open flames however propane stoves are allowed)
GPS or phone
Bear Detterent

Refund Policy

Know what you’re in for – read the rules and racer information thoroughly. We realize things happen between now and race day, and in light of that fact, we will be allowing a 70% refund to registrants within 45 days of submitting your registration. Post 45 days from your registration up to race day, registrants may elect to pay a fee of $35 for soloists and $90 for teams to transfer their entry to next year. Teams are allowed to switch out their members for a fee of $10. However, we do not allow substitutions or transfers of solo registrations. Failure to toe the starting line is a DNS. No exceptions and absolutely no whining. Please take the time to read the registration instructions and get it right.

*If the event is postponed due to event venue or other circumstance out of the race's control all registrations will be forwarded to the following year. If that date does not work, they will be forwarded to the year after that. If neither of those options work for you, you may gift your entry to any athlete of your choice. Simply contact the RD - Daren at There will be no refunds in this case as the event is not cancelled and things happen outside of the event's control*

The Race

Event's current local time: 5:24 PM PT


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