Saturday, Dec 5, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Miles For Maria

5630 Macland Rd

Powder Springs, GA Last Runner Standing, 12hrs, 6hrs, 3hrs, 1hrs, Virtual Runner

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 5, 2020


Miles for Maria was created in honor of my daughter Maria who was diagnosed with Epilepsy before her 3rd Birthday. We watch how she bravely faces adversity daily, and her strength convinced me to put on an endurance race for her, to help raise money for Epilepsy research.

If you want to run virtually, sign up using the "0 Hours" category, support the cause, and get the cool swag - without breaking a sweat!


The Fall event is in our NEW venue, the Still Family Farm in Powder Springs! The farm has indoor restrooms, PLENTY of parking next to the start, PLENTY of camping and setup space, and we will have fire pits during the evening hours! (PLEASE NOTE - camping will only be allowed during the actual event this year)

Start Times

All races officially start at 8am though we will give options to start at alternate times as requested.


The course is a mix of grassy field and trail. The course is mostly non-technical. We added a little distance to it this year, and it will be a 2 mile loop with a couple of rolling hills thrown in for fun!


All participants get a cool Miles for Maria performance shirt, beanie, and dog tag finisher medal!


Back is the Last Person Standing competition, with a twist! We start at 8am, and every 30 min you will need to report to the start line to complete the 2 mile loop. Sound easy? At 11am it becomes every 25 minutes. At 130pm it becomes every 20 minutes. At 330pm, every 15 minutes. IF (And we do mean IF) there are still more than one person reporting to the start by then, at 5pm it become every 10 minutes.... and you know.... that's pretty darn fast!

The LAST PERSON to report on time to the start line at the announced start times AND after completing full laps as described will win $100!!


We will announce more detailed information about aid stations as we get closer. CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 restrictions will dictate this.


Pacers will not be allowed.


Here are the rules as they stand on Oct 26th. As we get closer we will monitor guidelines and state requirements to see if there are any need modifications. We will send updates out via email if there are changes.


- You must be temperature/COVID screened upon arrival at the medical tent. This is also near the start/finish area.

- You MUST wear a mask prior to the start, no exceptions. Once you are running, we recommend having a mask or gaiter with you. Please give as wide of a berth as possible when passing.

- The start will be staggered and socially distanced. We will send off 3-5people every 30 seconds to split the pack up. Please practice social distancing at all times.

- I know we are a social bunch but please do not hang out in groups without socially distancing. The timing table must also be kept clear except for staff at all times (Miss Maria is hopefully going to come, and we can't risk her immune system)

- Aid station........ we can't “officially” have an aid station due to permitting restrictions and COVID restrictions. Maria and I are packing care packages for each of you (with salty snacks, granola, and all the fun stuff) that you will receive when you pick up your number. We will also have cold water bottles available. If there is something that works for you regarding aid, plan on bringing it. We know this stinks, but in a COVID world we adapt and make lemonade out of lemons. There are indeed rumors of peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches that can made upon request (let’s just leave itat that). There will be limited power available for you to plug something in if you wish to heat something up. However, there are two very specific rules; 1. You cannot leave it plugged in unattended. 2, Please let us know before you use the electricity. We don’t want to blow up a $2,000 generator, so we need to know what is getting plugged in. Again, please keep in mind this is where we stand as of Oct 26th. IF permitting will allow us to serve food in a more traditional way, we will definitely do so! (We are known for putting on a spread!)

- If you are not feeling well and/or showing any signs of illness (COVID or otherwise), please plan on staying home. We will work it out with you, but safety comes first.

Local time: 6:01 AM


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