August 1 - September 30, 2020

Yes Man Mile

Virtual 8hrs, Virtual 5hrs, Virtual 3hrs

This Event Took Place Wed. Sep 30, 2020

Yes Man Mile Rules

Race is a combo Timed Event and a Last Man Standing and will be done virtual.
Choose your own adventure:

3 HR—12 miles
5 HR—20 miles
8 HR—32 miles

We sold out our live race in GA, but after seeing a lot of FOMO out there felt the need to get this race out to the people.

Here's the deal: Every 15 minutes you will run a mile as fast or slow as you want. Doesn’t really matter how fast you run the mile as the next revolution does not start until the 15 minute mark on the dot. Want to go fast rest longer before the next turn or go slow and keep the train rolling whatever you prefer but you have to start the next mile on exact time every 15 minutes. You can’t accumulate mileage.

If you don’t make it back to starting position on time you have to start over or try it another day. Your results are based on the honor system. At the end of the event, your results will be posted on ultrasignup in miles.

Create your own course and environment. Run a loop around your neighborhood, park, treadmill whatever you want! Smile and wave at the people staring at you like you’re crazy as you run around in circles for hours.

Tag us on IG @thundermeatendurance and we'll share your story! Invite your running buddies and groups to join you in this challenge. Get after it!

Challenge Date

You will have August through October 15th to complete this challenge. Fail on 1st attempt..try again! Don’t stop until you have conquered this bad boy.

Swag Bag

Every runner that completes the Thundermeat Yes Man Mile will get a high quality event shirt and a Yes Man koozie to show off!

Local time: 4:53 AM


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