August 13 - October 15, 2020


Pop-Up #5 - Lime Ridge Start/Finish Location

San Francisco Bay Area, CA Aug 13, Aug 20, Aug 27, Sep 3, Sep 10, Sep 17, Sep 24, Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15

ALERT: Information about what else could possibly hinder trail racing.

9/22/20: gonna be ridiculously fun in Oakland this Thursday!
9/15/20: Air Quality for 9/17 event looking good.
9/10/20: Of course we are still having Pop-Up #5. Glad to support two craft brewing locations: Hess Brewing and Rotator, both in Walnut Creek. Check-in/out is at Hess Brewing from 3p-8p. Then, join in the fun at Rotator Taproom from 7:30pm to 10pm for "Family Feud Night". The PCTR crew will get there by 8:30 to join in the fun.
8/30: New course for Pop-Up #4 posted. We will Pop-up at San Francisco Running Company
San Francisco Running Company - Mill Valley
247 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941 (Highway 1 across from Proof Lab and Equator Coffee)

8/24: Due to the nearby fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we are making a decision to cancel this event due to public safety. The AQI in Los Gatos is 250-350 and we also do not want to put stress on first responders shall a runner get hurt. All runners have been placed into the Campbell event on October 15th.

What is Pop-Up Trail Racing? And, who are we?

This is not a gathering.
This is not a group event.
This is an individual offering.
This is a household bubble offering.

Think of this like your favorite neighborhood chef's popping up a temporary restaurant. In this case, we will pop-up 7 to 10 temporary events for you to participate. The pop-up events will happen weekly every Thursday starting August 13th. Each Thursday the we will rotate the event to different locations around the Bay Area so that everyone will get a chance to get out and race. The course will be open for 5 hours: 3pm to 8pm. You must start and finish between 3pm and 8pm.

This is a spin-off from Pacific Coast Trail Runs. My name is Greg Lanctot, Race Director to some the greatest events in California. I refuse to have my business decimated because officials are too ignorant to see that my team is responsible and doing more than they are to make racing and event production safe. I have contacted top level officials at every level to get a seat at the table to help make event planning safe during the COVID-19 era, all to help provide healthy lifestyles through running. CRICKETS!!!! Welcome to "open course trail racing". You are now a “day user” and park goer just like everyone else enjoying themselves. We don't need a permit to invite you to go racing on the trails. We don’t need to mark the course. We don’t need a finish line arch. We will provide the course via Strava and We only need you to want to compete and earn a finisher shirt. We have had it with how city, county, and state officials will open city streets for floods of people, open out door restaurants, indoor casinos, outdoor churches,, team sports, indoor factories, indoor & outdoor retail, and causing WAAAAAY more COVID-19 cases than any one person going out for exercise. Exercise is Essential. Running Is Essential. The system has failed trail running events and this is the work around to help you get back to what you love... competing with yourself on trails. There will be no finish line arch, no festival, no course markings. Simply you, the trail, and all the other park goers.

This is not an event. This Is open course trail racing. If the park is open, then you can race.
Media inquires and all complaints for supporting local businesses should be addressed to Greg:

Event Info:

Series Dates:
#1 Thursday August 13th: Stevens Creek Reservoir (Cupertino) - 5.9 miler
#2 Thursday August 20th: Skyline Gate (Oakland) - 6.1 miler
#3 Thursday August 27th: St Joseph's Hill (Los Gatos) CANCELLED (FIRES)- 5.5 miler
#4 Thursday September 3rd: Marin Headlands (Mill Valley) - 7.5 miler
#5 Thursday September 10th: Lime Ridge (Walnut Creek) - 6.7 miler
#6 Thursday September 17th: SF Bay Trail (Burlingame) - 6 miler
#7 Thursday September 24th: Clyde Woolridge (Oakland)
#8 Thursday October 1: Mt Tam East Peak (Mill Valley)
#9 Thursday October 8: Mission Peak (Fremont)
#10: Thursday October 15: Los Gatos Creek Trail (Campbell)

Check-in (3pm at the earliest): You must check-in at a nearby location (TBD for each event)

Check-out (8pm at the latest): After completing your run or hike, you will need to go check-out to prove your effort.

Verifying your race: You will show the Pop-Up Team the approved app (TBD) and approved watch data to support the correct route being completed.

Course Maps:
All courses will have printable maps, an app, and a .gpx file for you to use. (See Specific Events Below)

POP-UP #7: Thursday 9/24

Clyde Woolridge Staging Area (Oakland - Near Oakland Zoo , Lake Chabot)
Thursday, September 24, 2020
Map Links:
- Strava Link:
- RunGoApp Link:
- Link:

Total Miles:
7.0 miles
Elevation Gain:
1250 feet
Course Design:
Todd Glieden
Check-in/Check-out Location: The Check-in locations will never be on park or land agency property.

11144 Golf Links Rd
Oakland, CA 94605
- location for check-in/out is 1/3 mile away from trailhead.

Trail Head Parking & Start/Finish Location:

- PLEASE CHECK-IN at PCTR Tent before running course:
- Check-in Time is 3p-7:15p

Clyde Woolridge Staging Area )
Oakland , CA
Course Turn-by-turn:
- This is 100% on dirt trail
- Begin The water fountain at the trail head (close to edge of trail)
- Begin Skyline Trail
- Go Right to the Brandon trail at the stone Bridge l
- Left ON Grass Valley Trail
- Sharp Right on Redltail Trail - Continue up the steep hill
- Go Through the Parking Lot at the Marciel Staging Area and continue on Redtail Trail"
- As you come upon Marciel road you will cross it and continue on Redtail Trail.
- Right and downhill on Deer Canyon Trail..
- Sharp Left to Brandon Trail .
- Stay on Brandon.
- Turn Right to Two Rocks Trail and go downhill Stay on Two Rocks and run through the picnic area to the far side. The trailhead to Columbine Trail… Go Right (North)
- Stay on this trail to Goldenrod Traill
- Right at Goldenrod Trail Take this trail back to the Start/ Finish .
- Congrats and see you back at the PCTR Tent for your swag (if you ordered) and check out

POP-UP #1: Thursday 8/13

Stevens Creek Reservoir
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Map Links:
Distance: 5.9 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1258 Ft
Check-in/Check-out Location:
Judy’s Kitchen Parking Lot
10635 S. Foothill Blvd
Cupertino , CA 95014
Course Turn-by-turn: Start from the North Eastern point of the reservoir.
- Run across the top of the dam towards the otherside.
- At the fence you will walk down a 25 cement slab of dam near the spillway.
- Continue to trailhead and head south.
- Begin Tony Look Trail (Single Track Trail under Canopy)
- Left at Tony Look Trail (about mile .48 per RunGo App)
- At about mile 2.6 you will see a restroom.
- Continue on Tony Look Trail
- At mile 3.4 you will enter “Fremont Older Preserve”
- Do Not enter “Wedding Trail”
- Continue on Tony Look Trail and stay straight as it turns into Vista Loop Trail (mile 3.45)
Do Not go left on Vista Loop
- Continue up Vista Loop Trail to intersection of Vista Loop at Coyote Ridge Trail
- MAKE A HARD LEFT TURN on Coyote Ridge Trail (mile 3.65)
It’s almost like making a u-turn.
- Continue on Coyote Ridge
- You will pass Maise’s Peak. (1/10 of a mile up to peak for those that want extra fun.)
- Stay on Coyote Ridge Trail
- You will be looking for a left turn to Tony Look Trail (About mile 5.4)
- LEFT on Tony Look Trail
- Continue up steep 1/10 mile climb to head toward the spillway & dam.
- Right on dirt to get to cement dam and return across the dam for your finish.

POP-UP #2: Thursday 8/20

Skyline Gate - Oakland Hills
Thursday, August 20, 2020

Time of Event:
- Your window to run is between 3pm and 8pm.
- You must Check-in with us at 3pm or later. And, then Check-out with us before 8pm.
- If you will be later than 8pm getting back to the check-in/out location, then call RD-Greg at 408-583-7122.
- Please allow for time to drive from Skyline Gate to check-in/out location

Map Links:
- Strava Link:
- Link:

6.1 miles
Elevation Gain:
921 feet
Course Design:
Todd Glieden
Check-in/Check-out Location:
CRUFIT (Group Training Studio)
6125 MEDAU PLACE OAKLAND, CA 94611(The Check-in/out locations will never be on park or land where you will run.

And, since we love fitness, food, and beverages, please support these fine businesses:

Daughter Thai Kitchen (Across the street from CRUfit)
6118 Medau Place, Oakland
Open 11-2pm and 5-9pm

Noodles Pho Me in San Leandro just staved off closure. It’s a locally family owned business and not far from the run.

Ole's Waffle House in Alameda. The owner put in everything he has to avoid laying off any staff and to keep the restaurant open. It's an Alameda institution. “I can’t ask them to leave and sit here and say we’re going to save our money and take care of ourselves because we didn’t build this business on our own.” Ken Moniz

We are so excited to get you racing while supporting local businesses.

Stay tuned for other local business to support while in town

Course Turn-by-turn:
- Start from Skyline Gate Parking Lot
- Begin just past restroom at East Ridge Trail
- Continue down East Ridge Trail for almost 3 miles
- Right on Canyon Trail for 1/4 mile
- Right on Connector Trail (before Canyon Meadow) to Stream Trail
- Right on Stream Trail
- Continue on Stream all the way to the finish at Sidewalk.

POP-UP #3: Thursday 8/27 CANCELLED due to fires

St Joseph's Hill- Los Gatos
Thursday, August 27, 2020
Map Links:
Strava Link: Link:
5.5 miles
Elevation Gain:
842 feet
Course Design:
Greg Lanctot
Check-in/Check-out Location:Down town LG (The Check-n locations will never be on park or land agency property. Stay tuned for local business that we will partner with to post up in their parking lot.
TBD coming soon
Course Turn-by-turn: Start from Forbes Flour Mill next at Los Gatos Creek Trail
- Begin just past parking lot south of FFM Museum
- Continue on Los Gatos Creek Trail West Trail for almost 1/10 of a mile
- At Drinking Fountain Fork, take the middle option (No name Trail)
- Right on Flume Trail at open area
- Continue Right on Flume Trail
- Right on Jones Trail
- Left on Novitiate Trail
- Right on Range Trail
- Right on Serpentine Trail
- Right on Manzanita
- Left on Jones Trail
- Right on Alma Bridge Rd
- Right on Los Gatos Creek Trail
- Stay on this trail all the way to the finish.

POP-UP #4: Thursday 9/3

Marin Headlands - Mill Valley (Tennessee Valley Start/Finish)
Thursday, September 3, 2020
Map Links:
Strava Link: Link:
7.5 miles
Elevation Gain:
1598 feet
Course Design:
Greg Lanctot
Check-in/Check-out Location:Near Trail Head. You will receive private email. (The Check-n locations will never be on park or land agency property.
San Francisco Running Company
San Francisco Running Company - Mill Valley Location
247 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941 (Highway 1 across from Proof Lab and Equator Coffee)
Equator Coffee
The Junction (New outdoor beer and pizza joint!!!!! UHMAZING!!!)

Course Turn-by-turn: Start from Oak Meadow Trail Head and run south.
- Stay right on to Oakwood Valley Trail
- at 1.2 Mile Marker you will encounter Fork, stay right on Oakwood Valley to Alta Trail
- At Rodeo Ave INT hang a Right on Alta Trail
- Another right at Alta Connector to another right at Bob Cat
- Left at Miwok Trail
- Right at Wolf RidgeTrail
- Right at Coastal Trail
- Right on Lower Tennessee Valley Trail
- Right at Tennessee Valley Trail
- Continue through TV parking Lot at hang a left about 150 feet past porto-lets
- Left at Miwok Trail
- Right on Rhubard Trail
- Stay on this trail all the way to the finish.

Pop-Up #6 Thursday 9/17 3pm to 8 pm

Coyote Point Recreation Area (Burlingame - Near San Francisco Airport)
Thursday, September 17, 2020
Map Links:
Strava Link: Link:
RunGoApp Link:
6.0 miles
Elevation Gain:
141 feet
Course Design:
Nick Kovaleski
Check-in/Check-out Location: The Check-n locations will never be on park or land agency property.
A Runners Mind (ARM) - Specialty Running Store
1111 Howard Ave
Burlingame, CA 94598
- ARM is offering 10% off for PCTR runners on this day.
- ARM is will only be open until 6pm.

Trail Head Parking & Start/Finish Location:

- PLEASE CHECK-IN at store before running course
- (Beach Rd & Airport Blvd Industrial Area): Coyote Point Recreation Area (1.6m from the store)
320 Beach Rd (Put this address in your map app)
Burlingame, CA 94010
Course Turn-by-turn:
- This is 81% on Bike Paved Pathway
- Begin at Intersection of Beach Rd & Airport Blvd (on Bay side)
- Begin Promenade Trail
- Stay Left as Prmenade turns into Bluff Trail
- Left ON "No Name Trail" Work you way around the parking lot/south of the harbor
- Right ON another "No Name Trail" - Continue south/away from boat harbor
- Left on Gerry Moon Memorial Bike Path"
- Stay to the left as you come upon a Seal Point Park and circle it Clockwise.
- When you see a "Dog Park on your left this will signal your brain to make another left to complete loop.
- Continue passing the dog park on your way back to the finish as you complete Seal Point Park loop.
- Join the the same Gerry Moon Bike Path that brought. you to the loop.
- You will come to an intersection that you saw before. Here you will stay left on the "No name Trail" along Coyote Pt Drive
- Stay on this trail to Promenade Trail
- Left at Promenade Trail.
- Congrats and see you back at the store.

Local time: 1:37 AM


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