August 27 - September 28, 2020

Wonderland Trail Race Virtual

100 Miler, 50 Miler, 50K, 25K, 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Mon. Sep 28, 2020

General Details

Mt Rainier (Tahoma) and The Wonderland Trail is a classic and world-class trail running destination and has inspired our first virtual race. Late summer is an amazing time to be out there. Wildflowers are everywhere! The weather is great. And mile after mile is just so amazing and rewarding. Now we're not necessarily encouraging folks to go run there, although for those who are close enough to do so safely and responsibly you have that option. But even from your own backyard, you can create your own version of this inspiring trail run. We hope that you use the beauty and challenges of this magical place to motivate you to get out and create your own running adventure!

To help folks feel like we're all in it together we've created specific routes that actually exist on real trails in the real world that are really amazing and we hope that you use these routes as a template for you to design your own route with similar stats like distance, elevation gain, etc. More details about the routes below. And coming soon all of the routes will be shown on our app with a dynamic GPS enabled map, conditions updates, photos, videos and more! Stay tuned! More details about the courses at:

Runners will have a four plus week window, from August 27th to the end of the day on September 28th to complete their race distance or distances!

Each finisher will receive a custom race bib, bandana, and sticker. And folks will have the option to purchase a cotton-poly blend race shirt and or hoodie when they register. Order by September 3rd If you want to have it in time for the live stream post-race party and group chat on Saturday, October 3rd. That's right, we're planning our own virtual Rainshadow-style post-race party and we hope you'll be there! We're also devising a variety of ways folks will be able to interact with each other before, during, and after the race. Virtual high fives included!

Wonderland 100M --- 25,200FT of Gain

If the 93 mile Wonderland Trail that circles the mighty Mt Rainier is not on your bucket list you probably need to get a new bucket. To have the distance equal a full 100 miles we put the start/finish at the Henry M Jackson Visitor's Center at Paradise and do a loop on the Skyline Trail adding seven more spectacular miles to the adventure. This is a burly route with 25,000ft of elevation gain with numerous tough climbs.

Devils Dream 50M --- 12,900FT of Gain

With a name like Devils Dream, you know this point to point has gotta be one of two things... really hard or really beautiful. This route that covers half the Wonderland Trail, is both. Running from Box Canyon on southeast side of the mountain to Mowich Lake in the northwest part of the park with about 13,000ft of elevation gain. As you ascend each big climb you'll wonder if you're dreaming or if the suffering is real.

Northern Loop 56K --- 9,700FT of Gain

Combining a fun section of the Wonderland with the Northern Loop trail you get a "Varner miles" 50k(56k) loop with nearly 10,000ft of elevation gain. There's a lot of solitude out on this route and you'll get up close and personal with some areas less traveled but not because it's not beautiful. The difficulty probably scares folks off. But lucky you! You get to see a variety of other awesome mountains, cliffs and waterfalls that folks who just stay on the Wonderland miss out on.

Spray Park 25K --- 4,900FT of Gain

The hardest decision folks have to make when doing the entire Wonderland is "How many burgers should I eat at Longmire?". The next hardest decision is "Do I stay on the official route the whole way or do I take the Spray Park alternate route?" For this route though you don't have to make this impossible choice because you get both in a nice tidy loop with nearly 5000ft of gain.

Sunrise 10K --- 1,400FT of Gain

Choose this race and you can say you ran the Sunrise 10k at sunrise at Sunrise. #mindblown. Well only if you time your run to synchronize with the actual sun rising in the sky. If you don't do that well... I don't know what to tell you. This loop with 1500ft of gain is entirely above 6000ft above sea level and has non-stop jaw-dropping views of "the mountain". For extra credit: add three more k and tag 2nd Burroughs as well!

Reflection Lakes 5K --- 700FT of Gain

For those of you who need more reflection in your life you've chosen the right option! Not only can you stare into the abyss of your soul as you gaze into your mirror image on the surface of the lake you'll have plenty of time to ponder life's mysteries as you suffer through one of our easiest(but still not easy) routes, mile for mile on this loop with about 700ft of elevation gain.

Event's current local time: 7:33 AM PT


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