Monday, Nov 30, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

Free To Run Virtual Race and Fundraiser


Marathon - Virtual, Half Marathon - Virtual, 5 K - Virtual

This Event Took Place Mon. Nov 30, 2020

Race Info

Join Free to Run for our first ever marathon, half-marathon, and 5K virtual race and fundraising event. With NYC and other supporting races canceled for 2020, we have decided to host our own virtual race. With your registration and support, we hope to fill the gap these cancellations have created so that we can continue to support our programs.

When – Any time in the month of November (US-EST) 12am 11/1 through 12pm 11/30. You do not need to run/walk/hike your entire distance all at once.

Where - Anywhere! This is a 100% virtual event. Stay tuned for special emails where you can virtually run with some of our participants in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Distances and Prices - $75 for the marathon or half-marathon option or $45 for the 5K.

Finisher’s Swag – All 5K finishers will receive a beautiful Free to Run medal. All half and full marathon finishers will receive the medal as well as an official Free to Run Buff®.

Virtual Race runners are invited (but not required) to fundraise on behalf of Free to Run in conjunction with their virtual race. Runners who choose to fundraise for FTR and raise $300 by midnight on 11/30 will receive a FTR race day t-shirt along with their finisher’s swag. All runners who raise over $500 by 11/30 will have an opportunity to join a video conference call with team members in Afghanistan or Iraq!

To learn more about fundraising, read the next section explaining how to sign up.

Please note that swag packages will be mailed out following the month of November and shipping may be delayed due to covid. Registration includes shipping costs for US-based runners, International finishers may be asked to make an additional donation to cover excess shipping costs on finisher’s swag.

Reporting Requirements – All runners are required to self-report their finishing time to us at by midnight on 11/30/20. Results will be uploaded by the Race Director to the website and will count as official results. Race results are on the honor system. You do not need to provide support or details; simply email us at with your total accumulative move time (run, walk or hike) for your registered distance upon completion and before midnight on 11/30/20. Results upload can not be held up or delayed after 12/1, so it is important that you report your time by this deadline.

Fundraise for Free to Run

Race-based fundraising events are one of the main sources of funding for Free to Run's work with women and girls in our programs. Registered virtual runners are invited to join our campaign and fundraise in conjunction with their virtual race.

If you are interested in fundraising during this event, click on the link below to set up a GoFundMe fundraising campaign for us.

Fundraisers who raise $300 by 11/30 will receive a Free to Run T-Shirt. Fundraisers who raise $500 or more will receive an invitation to a special Zoom call with Free to Run participants in Afghanistan and Iraq! This is a unique, one of a kind opportunity to hear how your support will impact the lives of our female athletes and become inspired by their stories.

About Free to Run

Who we are - Free to Run is a non-profit organization that uses adventure sports to support women and girls living in areas of conflict to build their physical, emotional and social well-being; developing them into community leaders so they can bring people together across cultural, ethnic and religious lines. In the United States, we are incorporated under Section 402 of the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and are established as a 501(c)(3) organization under United States federal law, which provides us with tax-exempt status.

Free to Run works to support women and girls in areas of conflict through adventure sports to build their physical, emotional, and social well being; developing them into community leaders so they can bring people together across cultural, ethnic and religious lines. We provide them with the tools to succeed and support them to transfer those successes to their everyday lives.

Finding ways for women and girls to safely and boldly engage in outdoor activity allows them to regain public space and changes views about the roles that women can, and should, play in society.

To find out more about our organization and get involved, please visit us at

Local time: 11:17 AM


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