Saturday, Apr 24, 2021

Dixon's Revenge Trail Race

3 front st

Rollinsford, NH 1/2 Marathon, Canicross, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 24, 2021


Registration has closed and there is no day of Registration!
The 5k has been canceled for 2021 due to concerns of the congession that occurs in the single track sections.. Half Marathon, and Canicross only this year.
By 1854 the Prohibition movement was in full swing in Maine. As South Berwick was considering a ban on alcohol, numerous legal and religious establishments were torched in protest. After passing a ban on alcohol, Mainers had to cross the bridge to Rollinsford to drink and revel. A grog shop in Rollinsford owned by Samuel Dixon “reigned as the factory district’s chief watering hole”. Dixon, however, had become “somewhat notorious for crime in this vicinity, near Salmon Falls.” In 1851, Dixon was framed by a disgruntled South Berwick saloon owner for the string of arsons. In 1854, a pair of young factory workers drank heavily one summer afternoon at Dixon’s and wandered into the woods – 2 men went in, only 1 came out. Thanks to Samuel Dixon, Rollinsford earned “a relatively short-lived but racy reputation for free-flowing liquor."
On Saturday April 25th, Samuel Dixon gets his revenge – SIX03 Endurance is bringing the party to Rollinsford once again! Come join us on the banks of the Salmon Falls River for a trail running festival and celebrate at the mills with North Country Hard Cider, Smuttynose Brewing and other local vendors.

Half Marathon

The Half Marathon is an out and back which has some fast rail trail, open fields, some single track and one big nasty hill.

Course Overview:
You will be following the rail trail in the beginning and go straight by the water stop. until you hit the train track. ( There is no train running on Saturdays) You will hop over the train track and over the road. THIS ROAD IS OPEN AND YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK FOR CARS.
You will enter the forest for a while. When you pop out of the woods there will be a farm. You will run along the private road for about 500 yds. You will come to a stop sign and you will cross that road. THIS ROAD IS OPEN AND YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK FOR CARS.
You will be on a field. Stay on the trail. It will wind you around a bunch of fields and then you will be on an old abandoned old tar road for 1/4 mile. At the end of this you will be cross over a road. THIS ROAD IS OPEN AND YOU WILL NEED TO CHECK FOR CARS.
There is a big grey barn on the right hand sign and the trail continues to the left of the bar. There will be a water stop there and Volunteers to direct you.
You go across the field into the woods. when out of the woods you will run along the power lines. Runners on the Return from Garrison Hill have the right of way.
You will then take a right onto the trail where you will have another water stop.
Right after the water stop you will be hitting Garrison Hill. Please run up the right side of the hill because other runners coming down will be on the left hand side.
This is an out and back so once you come down Garrison hill you are going exactly the same way as where you came from mins one left hand turn at water stop 1 which will have marking and volunteers to point you in the right direction.


The 5K is a loop and will feature some fast rail trail and some great single track along the Salmon Falls River

Course Overview.
The 5k is pretty simple. Run the rail trail until you hit the water stop. Turn right. This section will be all single track. Follow the SIX03 Signs until you hit the finish under the train trestle.

Canicross 5k

The Canicross 5k is a loop and will feature some fast rail trail and some great single track along the Salmon Falls River
Here are the Rules:
1. One dog per runner.
2. Dogs must be attached to their runner at all times via a secure waist belt leash. Check out the Kurgo Quantum Leash as an example (
3. Leashes should be no longer than 5ft long – no retractable leashes allowed.
4. Dogs must be wearing a comfortably fitting harness where the attachment point is NOT the collar/neck.
5. No dragging, pulling of your dog - though they can pull you! Let your dog determine the pace.
6. Dog waste must be picked up in a disposable bag and placed in a trashcan at the water stop or start/finish area or in designated areas along the course. Failure to clean up after your dog will result in disqualification.
7. Please move to the side if another dog and runner wish to pass. Hold your dog close to you to minimize the risk of tripping other participants.
8. Have proof of rabies vaccination with you at the race.
9. Make sure your dog is adequately trained for a 5k race. Keep your dog well hydrated before and after the event.
10. Please do not leave dogs unattended and make every effort to keep your dog, other participants, and spectators safe at this event! Your dog is your responsibility.
11. Know your dog! Some dogs do well in high-energy settings with many other people and dogs, others do not. Make the right choice for your dog so they can be set up for success! Sometimes the right choice is leaving your dog at home.

Local time: 2:23 PM


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