Friday, Oct 15, 2021

Last Dot Standing and 24/48 Hour by TJM Racing

39 N. River Street

Beleville, WI Last Person Standing, 48hrs, 24 Hrs Sat., 24 Hour - Friday Start

This Event Took Place Fri. Oct 15, 2021


Last Dot Standing - October 21 7am
48 Hour - Oct 21 - 6am
24 Hour Friday - October 21 - 6am
24 Hour Saturday - October 22 - 6 am


Last Person Standing and More

Welcome to "Last Dot Standing" a different kind of last person standing event. Start at the Belleville Community Park in Belleville WI and you have one hour to run 4.2 miles to Dot's Tavern (A delightful 70 year old tavern located just off the trail). Then, at the start of the next hour, you have one hour to run back to Belleville (4.2 miles). Not 4.2 mile Out and back. 4.2 miles each way!!! You have one hour to get to each location (Belleville to Dots Tavern, Dots Tavern to Belleville), with the race restarting every hour on the hour from each location, alternating. We continue to run 4.2 miles (either to or from Dot's) until there is a Last Dot (person) standing.

Not ready to run a last person standing? Register for a 24 Hour race starting on either Friday or Saturday and run between Belleville and Dot's as many time as you like!!

Hate running? Come volunteer and hang out with the TJM Gang at Belleville, Dot's or anywhere in between!!

NOTE: At signup you will choose whether you would like your crew to be at Dot's or Belleville. (You may only have crew at one). These spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

NOTE: We will be designating crew spots based on date of signup. Want the best spot, signup first.

24/48 Hour

Not interested in a LMS? We are also going to have TWO 24 hour races (One starting Friday and One Starting Saturday) and a 48 Hour Race (starting Friday). Join the party and run the same course, but instead of a POT you'll be running for a 100/150 or 200 mile buckle.


The last person standing has a base prize of the greater of $500 or 50% of the pot
The last woman standing has a base prize of the greater of $250 or 25% of the pot
The last man standing has a base prize of the greater of $250 or 25% of the pot

The "Pot" is 25% of all registration fees for the last man standing event. Example. If 100 people register total registration fees would be $20,000. If this happens the last person standing would win half of 25% of those fees, or $2,500.00, last woman would receive $1,250 and last man would receive $1,250. There is no cap to the pot size beyond our 750 entrant capacity.

But wait, there's more. Prizes will be awarded for Age Group (gender neutral) last people standing to be determined:

All runners who complete 100/150/200 miles will receive a finishers Buckle. Special prizes will be given to the top three finishers in each timed race.

Discount for Military and First Responders

We offer a discount on registration for active military, veterans and first responders. Please email for a discount code.

Event's current local time: 11:43 AM CT

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