Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 @ 6:00 PM

Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie

Ellerbe, NC 50 Miler, Marathon

Registration closes: Tue, Jun 1 @ 11:59PM

It's almost Boogie time!

This will be the 27th presentation of the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 mile event and the 16th Boogie Marathon. It will be hot and hilly and the difficulty is quite often underestimated by participants. It's not an event to expect a new PR but it is one that you will get great satisfaction from finishing.

The course

Both courses are now certified. Five repeats of a 6-mile loop and a 4-mile out-and-back for the fifty miler. All rural and all paved. There are several long hills and some smaller ones too. This is not mountainous but is definitely not flat. The marathon course is the same as the 50 but with less repeats. Marathoners and 50 milers start together. Shortly after the start marathoners will make a left turn and do an out-and-back that is necessary to get the distance correct. The out-and-back just after the start is only done once and is not repeated on later laps. 50 milers will not do the early out-and-back.

Marathoners be warned

This is not your normal marathon. This is all rural, not a city marathon. You will be in the middle of nowhere all the time with no porta-potties, no splits, no mile markers, no spectators, and late in the run possibly even no other runners. There are only 6 houses on the course and they have dogs. Aid stops are over 5 miles apart, so you will need to carry a water bottle. If you decide to quit, there are no pick-up vans, so you will either have to walk to the aid station or hitch a ride with somebody. The race will start at 6 pm and the temperature will probably be about 85 degrees with little shade. Darkness comes about 9 pm and there are no street lights. You will need a light for the reasons cited in the waiver. If you need to be catered to every couple of miles along the course or worry running in the dark, perhaps you should not come. We really have seen everything listed in the waiver except the polecats and they are there too. The drop out rate among veteran 50-milers is usually 40% or so. Think long and hard before you enter this event. Ask yourself "Am I ready for this. Or would I be better off doing an event where I still have somebody to look after me." If you're not ready to step up and be responsible for yourself all the way, stay away. Find an easier event.


2021 fees
$60 April 1 through April 30
$75 May 1 until closing
There will be no refunds no wait list, no deferrals, and no transfer of your entry to someone else
if you decide to not come. Registration closes at the event director's discretion.

Local time: 5:06 PM


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